A loner is someone who prefers spending most of their time alone, even if they have friends or family close by. Unlike most people, loners do not crave peer acceptance. They are okay with being alone and limit social interactions in school, work, or any other gathering. Quite often, loners are judged as being introverted or shy. But everyone has a right to live life however they see fit. Here are some unique facts about loners that dispel any negative myths associated with this personality trait.

1. Loners Hate Small Talk

Most people assume that loners hate talking. But on the contrary, loners hate small talk. A loner’s mind is constantly processing inner monologue; therefore, small talk is tiresome. To have a more fruitful discussion with a loner, the conversation has to be interesting and meaningful. Also, loners need to be handled patiently. Let them steer the conversation.

2. They are Very Emotional Beings

They may not talk much, but loners have very strong feelings. It’s why people should never wrong loners because they will never forget what was done to them. The same applies to compliments and good deeds. Anything done to a loner is over-analyzed and processed. It’s also important to mention that loners only show their emotions to a select group of people.

3. Loners Can Be Super Fun

When people hear the word loner, they imagine an introverted person who spends most of their time reading books or watching TV. Well, loners can be very fun, especially when they feel comfortable. People who are married to loners can testify to this.

Once a loner opens up, they can go partying and even outdrink the heaviest drinkers and even talk for hours. For those with loner friends, give them time to open up.

4. Loners Need People to Respect Their Alone Time

There is nothing that loners dislike more than being asked to step out of their cocoons. Pestering a loner to leave their house and meet at a party only drives them further away. Their alone time is very special to them. Therefore, if a loner declines an invitation, please respect their decision. They could be recharging their social battery.

5. They are Super Creative

Research has proven that spending time alone can boost creativity and self-awareness. This is why most loners do creative jobs such as copywriting, designing, advertising, art, public relations, and music. The more time one spends alone, the more productive they can be. Also, such a lifestyle allows one to think outside the box and not conform to the accepted social norms.

6. Loners Prefer Solitude

There is a big difference between being alone and lonely. Loners prefer solitude; they are not forced into isolation. As a result, solitude is more fulfilling to loners than social interactions. If a social butterfly is taken to a new environment, they are forced into solitude. For loners, they retract themselves from social interactions.

7. Not Everyone Chooses to Be a Loner

Some people grew up as loners, and others had to adapt to this lifestyle. Certain situations, such as losing a loved one or living in a remote area, can trigger a loner personality. Social anxiety or social rejection can also contribute to the same.

Fortunately, today, there are solutions to remedy a loner-induced lifestyle. Cognitive behavioral therapy can come in handy if it’s related to mental health. As for the passing on of a loved one, friends and family can be helpful in the recovery process.

8. Loners Develop Unique Coping Mechanism

Most people can’t go on vacation by themselves. A loner will tour the world with just their passport and a backpack. This is one of the many coping mechanisms loners adapt, with others turning to animal companionship. Loners also engage in regular exercising and other creative hobbies.

9. They Prefer Online Dating

Loners and introverts opt to date online instead of going to a bar or social functions like weddings; they prefer anything that keeps them away from physical interaction. They prioritize less hectic things requiring less energy than meeting someone in person.

10. Loners Get Excited When Someone Cancels Plans

One of the common signs of a loner is feeling excited when someone cancels plans. If they planned an outing with friends and it’s accidentally canceled, this is good news for loners because they’ll get to spend more time alone.

11. Loners Hate Hearing Their Phone’s Ring

Getting a call, whether it’s from a friend or family, is the last thing a loner may want to deal with. That’s because these calls come with unnecessary conversations and fake laughs. Loners prefer texting to calling because it doesn’t require an immediate response and allows one to reflect on what they need to say before sending the message.

12. They Love Social Media

Just because somebody is a loner doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep up with friends or family. Thanks to social media, loners can keep up, but only from a distance. Loners spend hours on apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter checking in on their friends. Here, they can get informed about who got married, who recently had a promotion, or who had a child recently without necessarily interacting with them.

13. Loners Do Not Wear Attention Grabbing Clothes

Loners try to avoid drawing attention to the best of their abilities. That includes not wearing colorful clothing that may attract unnecessary attention. Most loners stick to neutral colors. Many loners have admitted to feeling strange when they wear swimwear.

14. Last Minute Plans are a Big No!

Nearly all loners will decline last-minute plans. They need to plan events days and even weeks ahead. The majority also need to know every detail about the event before getting there. Therefore, the thought of last-minute plans is quite intimidating. Unless necessary to them, a loner will not attend a last-minute plan.

15. They Always Have Their Headphones On

At the office, grocery store, or even when going for a run, loners will always be glued to their headphones or ear pods. The most interesting part is that it’s not the music they are interested in; the headphones act as a means to distract them from strangers. Some loners even wear headphones and don’t play any music.

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Last Update: May 19, 2024