Love Island is a reality dating show that every enthusiast seems to be talking about nowadays. If you’ve ever watched one of its episodes, it’s hard to miss the endeavors of the amazing and good-looking singles looking for love. And let’s not even get started with how luxurious the villas they are placed in are. Love Island began in the UK before the executives ventured into other parts of the world, including the US. It first aired in 2005 before being revived in 2015. Today, we’ll explore some unique and amazing facts that you may not know about Love Island

1. Two Love Island Casts and One Producer Have Ended Their Lives

In 2019, two Love Island casts, Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis, took their own lives. A year later, the show’s former host, Caroline Flack, did the same. Even though these deaths have occurred outside the villa, they have somewhat tainted the name of the reality TV show.

2. There are 22 Versions of Love Island So Far

Even though it was first filmed for a UK audience, Love Island has grown into an international program with 22 versions. Popular examples include Love Island US, SA, Sweden, Poland, Australia, and Germany, among others.

3. Smoking While Filming was Banned in Love Island from Season Four

During the earlier seasons, contestants were seen smoking within the villa or next to the pool – it was acceptable. However, from season four, smoking on camera was banned because there were hundreds of complaints from viewers.

The show was blamed for promoting the habit and influencing younger viewers. People still smoke in Love Island, but it happens in a designated area. And the contestants are not allowed to interact with others.

4. There are Cameras in the Toilets of Love Island Sets

three white CCTV camera on building wall

In Love Island, cameras are everywhere, including inside the toilets. However, the content filmed in the toilets isn’t available for public viewing.

5. Some Scenes are Shot Multiple Times

Love Island isn’t a 100% reality show. Some scenes, such as entrances, are produced (they are shot at least two or three times). Former host Caroline Flack has admitted in many interviews that her entrances were filmed several times to get the right shot.

6. There is a Limit on Alcohol Intake within the Villa

Producers of Love Island are very strict when it comes to alcohol consumption. Contestants are barred from having too many drinks, fearing it may lead to irresponsible behavior.

7. Love Islanders are Given a Day Off

According to Kem Cetinay from Love Island Season 3, the contestants get a day off to relax from filming. On their days off, the islanders take a trip to the beach, where they engage in fun activities. Others take the time to clean their villas and not worry about carrying a mic everywhere.

8. There is Another Villa for Dumped Islanders

When contestants get dumped from the villa, they are sent to another villa where there is no action. This is done to hide the identity of those evicted from the villa because the re-couplings are often pre-recorded two days earlier.

9. Love Island Disconnects Its Contestants from the World a Week Before Filming

It is a long-standing tradition for Love Islanders to be entirely disconnected from the world during filming. That means no phones, computers, or the internet; this usually happens a week before the start of the season. Every islander is assigned a chaperone who confiscates their phones and computers. The chaperone is also in charge of organizing flights and accommodation.

10. Caterers Prepare Meals and Dinners

Contrary to what most people think, the islanders do not cook for themselves. Yes, there is an open kitchen where they can prepare a snack for themselves or a crush. However, the main meals are prepared by on-site caterers.

11. Some Scenes are Filmed Late at Night/ Early in the Morning

the night sky is filled with stars above a mountain

Did you know that some scenes in Love Island, especially the re-couplings, are filmed as late as three in the morning? This is because voting often ends at 11:30 pm Spanish time, so the producers must wait for the votes to be cast before re-coupling. And the funny part is that no one in the villa knows what time it is because watches are banned.

12. Love Island Only Markets Its Brands

If you’re very keen while watching Love Island, you’ll notice that the contestants do not show off any brands except those affiliated only with Love Island. This means the contestants cannot wear famous clothing lines like Gucci or Channel unless the producers approve them. As for the show, it markets its brand through branded water bottles and other merchandise available for purchase.

13. Fighting is Not Allowed on Love Island

Even though fights make reality dating shows more interesting, Love Island has a strict policy against violence. In 2019, Sherif Lanre was evicted from the villa for kicking a fellow contestant, Molly-Mae, in the groin. This scene wasn’t shown on air, and Love Island executives never disclosed why Sherif was removed from the show. However, Sherif admitted that the stated reason was why he was dumped from the villa.

14. Love Islanders are Responsible for Doing Their Makeup

Love Islanders are tasked with doing their makeup and hair except for the finals. This is why you’ll usually see many contestants spending much time in the dressing room during the episodes.

15. All Love Island Contestants Must Undergo an STD Screening

In Love Island, some contestants go the extra mile by engaging in adult activities to bond with their relationship. To ensure that everything and everyone is safe, all islanders must undergo a strict STD test. Love Island also offers its contestants protection for their activities; they are free to engage in these activities however they see fit. Love Island also provides an off-camera counselor to offer guidance on matters related to love and all that it entails.

16. There are Auditions for Love Island

Love Island producers can contact a random person if they think they would be a suitable contestant. However, they also accept applications from various contestants. Love Island receives thousands of applications every season, with applicants expected to answer questionnaires in their auditions to identify their likes or dislikes.

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