To date, many, even those who didn’t witness Marilyn Monroe in action, adore and regard her as one of the greatest actresses. Even though she died at 36, she left an indelible mark on the film industry. By the way, did you know that she got chin surgery after she overheard someone say she was “a chinless wonder” at a party? Continue reading to find out more fascinating Marilyn Monroe facts.

1. Marilyn Monroe Had Albert Einstein on the List of People She Wished to Sleep with

At one point, Marilyn Monroe shared a room with Shelley Winters, another famous actress. Together, they made a list of men they wished to sleep with. According to Winters, Monroe’s list had no one under 50, which, surprisingly, included Albert Einstein. It is not known whether she achieved her goal.

2. There Is a Private Adult Video of Marilyn Monroe Having Oral Sex

It was once rumored that Marilyn Monroe had an affair with President John F. Kennedy. So, when the FBI found a video of the actress engaging in oral sex, J. Edgar Hoover, a law enforcement officer, went to great lengths to try to prove that the man in the clip was the former president. A wealthy businessman bought the video and kept it from the public.

3. She Disliked Bathing

According to reports, Marilyn Monroe rarely bathed, slept naked, ate in bed, and shoved the leftovers under the sheets. It is also thought these behaviors were part of why her marriage to Joe DiMaggio took a hit.

4. Hugh Hefner Bought the Spot Next to Marilyn Monroe’s Crypt for Himself

Hugh Hefner was a magazine publisher famous for founding and being Playboy magazine’s chief editor. Interestingly, he bought the spot next to Marilyn Monroe’s crypt for a reported $75,000. He wished to be buried next to the superstar, stating that the chance of spending an eternity next to her was too sweet to pass up. Hefner died in 2017 and got his wish.

5. She Was First Married When She Was 16

When Marilyn Monroe was 16, she married her first husband, James Dougherty, an American police officer and trainer of special weapons. As it turned out, the parents taking care of Monroe had to relocate to another state, but California’s child protection law prevented them from taking her with them.

The former actress resorted to marrying Dougherty; she dropped out of school to become a housewife. They quickly discovered they were a mismatch, with Marilyn Monroe describing the union as boring.

6. Joe DiMaggio Sent Roses to Marilyn Monroe’s Crypt for 20 Years

Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player famous for his marriage to Marilyn Monroe and his life-long devotion to her. It is reported that, after the actress’s death, he was so devastated that he sent a half-dozen red roses to her crypt three times a week for 20 years. Despite outliving Monroe by 37 years, he never remarried. His last words were, “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.”

7. Marilyn Monroe’s Father Was Identified in 2022

Questions as to who Marilyn Monroe’s father always arose, but nobody seemed to have the answer. It was not until 2022, 60 years after she passed away, that a DNA test showed that Charles Stanley Gifford was her father. Stanley had an affair with Marilyn Monroe’s mother while they worked together.

8. Marilyn Monroe Converted to Judaism After Marrying Arthur Miller

Among the several people that Marilyn Monroe married was Arthur Miller, a playwright, screenwriter, and essayist. The actress converted to Judaism to match his husband’s religion, something that prompted the authorities in Egypt to ban every film that she was involved in. Interestingly, the ban was lifted in 1961 when Monroe divorced Miller.

9. She Became Heavily Dependent on Pharmaceuticals During Her Sunset Years

During her sunset years, Marilyn Monroe became heavily dependent on pharmaceuticals, which affected her production time and even led to a miscarriage. Her film, Let’s Make Love, released in 1960, was unsuccessful, with critics stating that it lacked the “old Monroe dynamism.” Marilyn Monroe died of acute barbiturate poisoning, and her death was ruled as a probable suicide.

10. She Was Born Norma Jeane Mortenson

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson, a name she used until 1956, when she legally changed it. This was fresh from a fallout with Century-Fox; she was hailed as a shrewd businesswoman and brave for going head-to-head with the company.

11. Marilyn Monroe Was a Famous Sex Symbol

Marilyn Monroe started her acting career as a model, featuring on over 30 magazine covers, most of which had men as the target audience. She often posed for artistic nude photos and did beer commercials. To date, most people view her as a sex symbol as she was considered beautiful and was comfortable with nudity.

12. She Rose to Fame in the 50s and Early ’60s

The period between 1950 and 1962 (before her death) saw Marilyn Monroe rise to her peak, receiving praise and criticism in equal measure. She played leading roles in heavyweight films such as All About Eve (1950), Niagara (1953), and Some Like It Hot (1959). In 1952, she was at the center of a controversy as it was rumored that her naked photos had been taken and publicly available.

13. Suicide Rates In Los Angeles Doubled after Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Given that Marilyn Monroe died suddenly at the age of 36, her death was widely publicized in the United States and Europe. According to Lois Banner, an author and professor of history, the death of the actress saw the suicide rates in Los Angeles double within the same month. Many others called the Chicago Tribune to inquire about the circumstances of her death.

14. Marilyn Monroe’s Death Attracted Several Conspiracy Theories

Since Marilyn Monroe died at the peak of her career, it left room for conspiracy theories, with many stating that she was murdered. In fact, one was so strong and widespread that it prompted John Van de Kamp, the then Los Angeles County District Attorney, to start a “threshold investigation” in 1982. Still, no proof of foul play was found.

15. She Grew Up In 12 Foster Homes

Born in 1926, Marilyn Monroe came from an impoverished Midwestern family. She grew up in 12 foster homes and one orphanage after her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Her situation was so tough that she wasn’t aware she had a sister until Monroe was 12; they met when she was 18.

16. People Didn’t Believe Marilyn Monroe’s Mother When She Said She Was

Having herself diagnosed with bipolar disorder, people didn’t believe Gladys Baker, Marilyn Monroe’s mother, when she said that the famous actress was her daughter. Baker had given Monroe out to foster care when she was young, so when she made the claim, people brushed her off, thinking it was one of her “episodes.”

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Last Update: December 26, 2023