10 Movies with the Worst Use of Physics

May 23, 2022
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  1. Torvald utney says:

    Bullets curve upwards though

    1. Admin says:

      Please explain

      1. Kibu says:

        Basically, the effect of the bullet being spun through the rifling, creates a kind of lift like an airplane wing. As the bullet travels over a distance, it will fist rise up (sometimes a fraction of an inch, but yes, it is a rise). As the distance continues, that same wind which it is acting on to create lift, will in turn begin to slow the bullet down, overcoming the lift it has created and allowing gravity to pull it down to the ground. Typically, the lighter the bullet, the more visible this up and down curve can be.

        1. Mag says:

          This seems a bit strange. It sounds like you are describing the “Magnus effect”, something quite familiar to fans of baseball and football. (soccer for the US citizens) For this to work the spin has to be towards the direction of flight or into a crosswind. Otherwise the forces cancel out and no slight acceleration is induced, forcing the object to change direction. As bullets travel much faster than most gusts of wind, it’s not very likely for this to happen.

          Because gravity pulls bullets downwards, they are often fired slightly upwards to counteract this. So if you were watching a slow-motion video of a bullet travelling, it would give the illusion of curving upwards.

          However I’m not claiming that you are wrong. There might be a physical effect causing the bullets to curve upwards, which I don’t know about yet, and in that case, I would very much like to learn more 🙂

  2. Mag says:

    This was really cool, can we get more of stuff like this?
    Great job 🙂

  3. Comment says:

    The part about Gravity is wrong; the rope could bream if tugged with that force.

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