Pyrite: Resistance is Futile [Educational Album]

September 24, 2015
Comments (4)
  1. Cees Tollenaar says:

    I like the fact that you’re showing us these interesting materials/gems etc but can you actually give some more info about them? like statistics as in howmuch of it is there on earth, is it toxic, can it float on water etc. and please stop cussing, it makes me want to read this post even less even though I love getting more knowledge on materials

  2. Emperor of Mankind says:

    I actually think the cursing is funny

  3. sdfgzdfhadrh says:

    No, just give us the facts like it is. These facts are interesting enough on their own. They don’t need this kind of cursive and childish like manner of speaking. I know this might be to attract young folks or something , but damn… show some integreity man..

  4. Jerry says:

    I don’t care either way on the “cussing” (I’m over 40 and that term seems antiquated… also not sure if you noticed but “a**” is in the link for this site) but where is the “source” link? How did people die? How many? Where is the “further reading” link, at least to wikipedia?

    Every facts list of 20 has a source by it, and I inevitably read 2-4 of those links to learn more. WHY ARE YOU HIDING INFO ON PYRITE? Is this a Trump thing?

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