You may want to get a pet bird but you are conflicted as to whether you will regret the decision, especially if it turns out to be a noisy bird. Birds are naturally vocal. Different bird species have varying levels of noise. The most amusing case of a noisy bird was a parrot that was shouting for help, attracting the attention of the owner’s neighbors. They called the police on him and, as it turned out, it was the parrot shouting ‘Help! Help! Let me out!’ Read on to find out the quietest choices for pet birds.

The Quietest Choices For Pet Birds

Wild birds make noise to inform other birds about predators. Pet birds are a good addition to a home and bring color, amusement, and a sense of responsibility, as they will be under your care. While some may be noisy, such noise may not be easy to live with. The following are the quietest choices for pet birds:

1. Parakeets (Budgies)

These are sub-species of parrots and they are small birds that are big on their popularity. It is the pet choice bird for many because it is a quiet bird that s unable to scream. They are amusing, intelligent and can be trained with ease. Their verbal abilities are similar to those of parrots and are playful.

2. Senegal parrots

Senegal is in West Africa, the place of origin of this colorful parrot. The Senegal parrots are brown and dark green in color. They are good at mimicking other people and are very funny. Senegal parrots interact well with the pet owners and tend to bond with specific members of the household. It is vocal and can talk but it does not scream or screech. 

3. Canaries

Available in 200 species, canaries are the quietest choices for pet birds. Their body is usually green, orange, or yellow in color. They are a good form of entertainment, as they sing cheerfully and are very social. The male species sings better. Their voice isn’t too loud and it does not pass through a closed door.

4. Cockatiels

Cockatiels are very entertaining and have the ability to mimic sounds and while. They chirp but since their vocal capabilities are on the lower side, they make less noise. Cockatiels are amongst the quietest of the parrot species.  Their body size is slightly larger than that of a pet bird. Socialization is good for them and the female cockatiels are more quiet compared to the male ones.

5. Doves

Doves are a symbol of peace. They are quiet, gentle birds that coo gently. They are among the quietest birds that are also very easygoing. Having them in your home brings a sense of calm and since they are less demanding, it is easy to maintain them.

6. Parrotlets

With a small body size and lung capacity, the parrotlet is among the quietest pet birds and they can also maintain the peace and quiet in apartment settings. They are unable to scream or stretch, just like the parakeets. Soft chirps come from them. Since they are active pets that thrive when they socialize, you need to interact with them frequently.

Get a Cool, Calm Bird

If you are a bird lover, you now know which pet you can get that will also maintain the peace and quiet in your neighborhood. spread some cheer and joy in your home by getting a quiet pet bird. This is one choice that you will not regret and your household will love. To keep your pet bird happy and healthy, feed it well, give it toys to play with and let it do some exercises outside its cage.

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Last Update: May 19, 2020