Here are 49 Rare and Unusual Disorders.

1-5 Rare and Unusual Disorders

Exploding Head Syndrome

1. There is a medical condition called Exploding Head Syndrome, which causes people to experience a sudden feeling of explosion and blinding light inside their head moments before falling asleep. – Source

2. A mental disorder called Cotard’s Syndrome (also known as the Cotard Delusion, the Nihilistic Delusion, and the Walking Corpse Syndrome) causes sufferers to believe that they are in fact dead and do not exist. – Source

3. There is one person in the world with “Syndrome X” which prevents her from normally aging. Brooke Greenberg is 20 and appears to be one year old. – Source

4. There is a woman who suffers from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), meaning she has more than 200 orgasms per day.

5. Some people with a rare medical condition known as ‘superior canal dehiscence syndrome’ can actually hear their eyeballs move. – Source

6-10 Rare and Unusual Disorders

Stone Man Syndrome

6. There is a disease referred to as Stone Man Syndrome in which the body’s repair mechanism causes fibrous tissue such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments to turn into bone when they are injured. – Source

7. Astronauts who live in space for extended periods of time are at risk of developing solipsism syndrome – “a psychological state in which a person feels that the world is not external to his or her mind.” – Source

8. People suffering from Capras syndrome hold a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close related family member has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor. – Source

9. Broken heart is not psychological. It can actually kill you. It is a disorder called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy aka Broken Heart Syndrome – Source

10. A woman was left with a Chinese accent resulting from a migraine. It is called Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) – Foreign Accent Syndrome is a rare but recurring phenomenon, which causes people to wake up from comas speaking with foreign accents they have never used before – Source

11-15 Rare and Unusual Disorders

Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome

11. Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome is a type of OCD where suffers feel the urge to correct every grammatical error. – Source

12. False Memory Syndrome is believed to have been abused by multiple therapists in order to falsely convince patients that they have been raped, abused, or were once involved in satanic cults. – Source

13. “Fish odor syndrome” causes a person’s sweat, urine and breath to constantly smell of fish – Source

14. Tourists visiting Florence should be on guard for contracting Stendhal syndrome. They feel dizziness and hallucinations due to overexposure to art or “immense beauty in the natural world” – Source

15. Days and possibly even months after ones takes LSD, people experience flashbacks and a syndrome called Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, in which they suddenly experience LSD’s effects for a short period of time. Researchers do not know why this occurs. – Source

16-20 Rare and Unusual Disorders

Elizabeth Taylor

16. There is a genetic disorder as a result of result of a mutation of FOXC2 gene that causes a person to have a double set of eyelashes and the same mutation causes lead to heart failure. Actress Elizabeth Taylor had this disorder – Source

17. Anton-Babinski syndrome is a rare condition in which a person is blind, but thinks that they are capable of seeing. – Source

18. There is a neurological disorder known as Möbius syndrome that is characterized by full facial paralysis. Those afflicted use body language and posture to convey emotions. – Source

19. Getting annoyed at someone when we listen to them eating or breathing is called Misophonia, and it’s an actual neurological disorder. – Source

20. There is a disorder that is thought to be purely psychological called Pseudocyesis, where a woman shows all the symptoms of being pregnant except for the presence of a fetus. Their belly grows at the right rate and they can even go into false labour – Source

21-25 Rare and Unusual Disorders


21. The opposite of Anorexia is called Bigorexia, a disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with the idea that they aren’t muscular enough. – Source

22. There is a disorder known as Akinetopsia or Motion Blindness. Sufferers do not see any motion, but see the world around them ‘one snapshot’ at a time. – Source

23. There exists a neurological disorder called Hemineglect in which a person’s brain will just ignore one side of an object, usually the left side. – Source

24. There is a medical disorder in infants called “Maple Syrup Urine Disease where the child’s urine smells of maple syrup or burnt sugar and it can be fatal. – Source

25. The symptoms of the mental disorder called Koro involves an intense fear that one’s genitals are fatally retracting into one’s own body. It is most common among Asians. – Source

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