Since his execution in 1989, many documentaries have surfaced, trying to explain who Ted Bundy was and the crimes he committed. While trying to establish the truth, investigators and journalists have asked the survivors and relatives to speak out about their experiences.

Many, including ex-girlfriend Liz Kendall and Karen Sparks (survivor), have come out to share their stories. However, one has remained a mystery for the longest time: Rose Bundy. Since her father’s death, her whereabouts are unknown. Here, we provide some Rose Bundy facts to feed your curiosity.

1. Rose Bundy is Ted Bundy’s Daughter

If you are wondering why Rose Bundy is a person of interest, it’s because she is the daughter of the famous criminal, Ted Bundy. Officially known as Theodore Robert Bundy, Ted confessed to raping and killing 30 women, with the number suspected to be more.

He committed the crimes between 1974-1978 before he was caught and jailed. During his time in prison, Ted and his wife, Carole, conceived and bore Rose Bundy. Rose became famous from her association with Ted Bundy, which, to be honest, wasn’t her fault. The entire case was subject to public scrutiny.

2. Rose’s Conception is a Subject for Debate

Very few people have conception stories more controversial than Rose’s. While prison visits were not off limits, conjugal rights were not for inmates, let alone ones convicted of serial murders. So, how then did Carole Boone conceive while her husband was in prison?

Interesting theories are available. The most popular one is that Ted had ejaculated in a condom, tied it, and then passed it to Carole through a kiss. While this is possible, the chances of getting pregnant through this method are slim. The story sounds outright farfetched.

The most logical explanation is that Ted might have bribed a guard into sneaking his wife for conjugal purposes. While the head of the prison strongly refuted this possibility, it is the only one that makes sense. Apart from the rumors, there is no tangible information on this matter.

3. Rose Visited Her Father in Prison

Before Rose Bundy’s birth, her mother, together with her elder half-brother, Jamey Boone, used to visit her father in prison. When she was born and became old enough, Rose joined them in these visits. There are pictures of them inside the prison. Rose’s mother thought it was nice for their daughter to know who her dad was.

4. She Didn’t Say Goodbye to Her Father

All the time, Carole Boone somehow believed that her husband was not guilty. It explains why she stood by him and went to great lengths to bear a child for him. However, when Carole saw Ted confess to 30 murders, it changed all that. She cut ties with him, and there were no further visits to the prison.

Carole filed a divorce in 1986, and the couple separated. A relationship that the media had described as “love beyond death penalties” terribly failed. Rose never saw or heard from her dad too. She was 6 by the time her father died via the death penalty.

5. Rose Leads a Very Private Life

Rose was born on October 24, 1982, which means she is turning/turned (depending on when you are reading this piece) 41 this year. Her whereabouts are still unknown, but most believe she resides in Britain.

It is also rumored that her mother changed Rose’s name, and she now goes by Abigail Griffins. Given what she went through during her early life, it’s easy to understand why she chose such a private life.

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Last Update: July 26, 2023