1. Calling yourself an AI artist is almost exactly the same as calling yourself a cook for heating readymade meals in a microwave.

2. Alcohol is more socially acceptable to drink in public than milk.

3. We’ve never seen John Wick in his prime, only him after retirement.

4. Alex Trebek lasted 80 years in the public eye without a single controversy or scandal.

5. Poor kids realize they are poor well before rich kids know they are rich.

6. Somewhere out there is the richest homeless person.

7. Flying cars are not viable due to human stupidity in operating heavy machinery, not because the technology is impossible.

8. There are breathtakingly beautiful sights on uninhabited planets all over the universe that no one will ever see.

9. People are forever looking at scratched screen protectors to avoid using scratched screens.

10. Not having an opinion about most things is better for your mental health than having an opinion about most things.

11. Makeup shouldn’t be allowed in beauty contests.

12. Hacking scenes in movies never require people to use a mouse for some reason.

13. Ancient Wizards in Harry Potter must have just been speaking normal since all spells are said in Latin.

14. It’s crazy to think the past and future don’t actually exist. They’re only ever a memory or an idea.

15. The first guy to get bit by a bullet ant must’ve looked like such a b***h.

16. People use the Olympic swimming pool to give a sense of the scale of how big something is, though most people don’t actually know how big an Olympic swimming pool is.

17. No one describes their children as average. Even though, by definition, most of them are.

18. People tend to mix right and left, but they never mix up and down.

19. At some point, there will be so many anime/TV series that an entire lifetime won’t be enough to watch them all.

20. Complaining about the younger generation has been a thing for all of human history.

21. Red onions are clearly purple.

22. It is far too easy to bite the sides of one’s mouth.

23. No one really talks about lava lamps anymore.

24. The most invasive of species is the only one that talks about invasive species.

25. A few more generations and no one will know what clockwise is anymore.

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Last Update: July 14, 2023