Star Wars: The Force – A Brief History and Its Theories

August 28, 2015
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  1. kibu says:

    Missed one. There’s also the “Light Sith.” Not unlike the Gray Jedi, the Light Sith were followers of the Dark Side who made use of their abilities to better the lives of others. They believed that there were some actions which, though dark in nature, would have light (or Good) outcomes. One such example of this is the thought experiment surrounding dealing with a weapons smuggler. The specific question is thus:

    You discover that a smuggler is ferrying weapons to a planet where they are being used to further a war. The government of that planet is notoriously corrupt, so you recognize that stopping the war is easier said than done. Faced with the smuggler, you have three choices. 1.) Arrest the smuggler and turn him over to the authorities. He may still go free, but you will have prevented at least one shipment of weapons from reaching the surface. 2.) Do nothing. The actions of one smuggler is not your concern, no matter how many people die as a result. 3.) Destroy the smuggler and his ship.

    Now, here’s the solutions to the experiment.:

    1.) This is the light side option. You take no action against the smuggler that would be life threatening, though you recognize that your action will likely do little to stop the war. 2.) This is the dark side option. By taking no action, you do nothing to prevent further death. 3.) This is also a dark answer, but with a light sided result. You use aggression to kill the smuggler, and in doing so destroy his shipment. However, your action prevents the weapons from being delivered, and has the direct effect of saving numerous lives. Though what you did could be considered evil, the ends justified the means.

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