They may share codenames, but the two characters known Captain Marvel couldn’t be more different. While Marvel owns the rights to the name Captain Marvel DC can’t monetize the name. No putting it on comic book titles, movie or tv titles, but they can still use the name inside their comic books. In 2012, DC comic book writer Geoff Johns tried to fix the confusion by simply renaming the character Shazam. Johns told Newsarama “everybody thinks he’s called Shazam already.” Though fans are reluctant to release the DC hero of his original moniker. Thus remains the confusion of who anyone is speaking about when referring to Captain Marvel within comic book communities. For now it seems the publishers, the heroes, and the fans must agree to share the name between the two franchises that seem forever linked together, with even their first big screen solo films debuting in the same year. It’s unclear the future the Shazam! franchise may have in the movies, but it’s very clear that Captain Marvel will continue to her solo film franchise and be featured in team movies within the MCU.

1. Captain Marvel (DC) first debuted in Whiz Comics #2 Feb 1940

Whiz Comics wasn’t just for Captain Marvel. The title also featured the adventures of heroes like Ibis the Invincible, Spy Smasher, and Golden Arrow!

2. Captain Marvel (Marvel) first debuted in As Carol Danvers in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968, 3 months after Mar-Vell)

Marvel Super-Heroes featured heroes like Spider-Man, Black Knight, the original Captain Marvel and the first appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

3. Captain Marvel (DC) was created by Bill Parker & C. C. Beck.

Captain Marvel Co-Creator Bill Parker also co-created every other character featured in Whiz Comics.

4. Captain Marvel (Marvel) was created by Roy Thomas & Gene Colan

Danvers Co-Creator Gene Colan also co-created Falcon and Blade for Marvel Comics.

5. Captain Marvel (DC) gets his powers from…

Wisdom of Solomon
Strength of Hercules
Stamina of Atlas
Power of Zeus
Courage of Achilles
Speed of Mercury

6. Captain Marvel (Marvel) has numerous powers as well!

Such as possessing superhuman strength, able to fly 6x the speed of sound, possesses a “seventh sense”, can discharge explosive blasts of radiant energy and can absorb other forms of energy to augment her strength.

7. Captain Marvel (DC) has been a member of multiple teams, including…

Justice League
Justice Society of America
Justice League International
Marvel / Shazam Family
Squadron of Justice.

8. Captain Marvel (Marvel) has had numerous team affiliations, including…

Alpha Flight Space Program
Guardians of the Galaxy
Infinity Watch
Mighty Avengers
New Avengers
United States Air Force

9. Captain Marvel (DC) has a giant tiger friend named Mister Tawky Tawny.

Originally a humanoid tiger wishing to integrate into human society, more modern versions of Tawny portray him as more tiger than human and retaining his ability to talk.

10. Captain Marvel (Marvel) has an orange pet cat named Chewie in the comics, and Goose in the movie.

In the comics books and the movies respectively, Chewie/Goose isn’t actually a cat, but an alien called a Flerken!

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