World of Warcraft remains the top MMORPG after more than a decade online. Blizzard Entertainment continues to deliver new and interesting content for players. What the average player may not know is that Warcraft has recently begun adding secret obtainable items in-game, spawning a Discord server and website dedicated to seeking out, finding, and solving the secrets of riddles.

1. Uuna

At the beginning of her storyline, Uuna is unable to see. After exposing her to the Narru in Shattarath and that being too bright, you take her to Lake Falathim where the moonlight is softer. Once Uuna can see she starts to miss her favorite doll. So it’s off to Mac’aree on Argus to fetch Uuna’s doll Nuu. After taking her to get a couple of more items (her wand on Bloodmyst Isle and a crown in Shadowmoon Valley), Uuna is captured by void tendrils.

2. Baa’l

After you have completed Uuna’s storyline, you can obtain B’aal the demon goat, but it won’t be easy. You have to find 13 pebbles from all over the world. They can be found in caves and underwater. After you have gone back and forth from Zandalar to Kul Tiras, you can go battle Baa’l in Frostfire Ridge. But if you don’t have Uuna, he will one shoot you all of your battle pets.

3. Pepe

Pepe is a little bird toy that sits on your head. There are many different looks for Pepe like the Tiny Pirate Hat in Spires of Arak, or the Tiny Ninja Shroud in Gorgrond. There are looks like this all over Azeroth and Draenor, for both Horde and Alliance.

4. Twelve-String Guitar

On Dec 28, 2017, this guitar toy was obtainable by killing the Cow King on the Diablo 20th anniversary. Some fans were disappointed that there was no animation for the twelve string guitar. Instead of the guitar in your hands, as you play it, your Hearthstone in your bags plays music from Diablo.

5. Sun Darter Hatchling

To get to hatch the Sun Darter Hatchling you must go through a series of puzzles. You have to go through a cave that is very dangerous, you should make/buy the potions to survive. They include things like 1 Major Fire Protection Potion,1 Major Arcane Protection Potion, 1 Dire Brew or 1 Ethereal Oil, and a lot more. But you get this awesome battle pet in the end!

6. Nazjatar Blood Serpent

The Blood Serpent is a mount that is obtainable by summoning the Adherent of the Abyss in Stormsong Valley, and killing him. Aether of the Abyss also drops from Adherent of the Abyss but is not known to do more than explode.

7. Long-Forgotten Hippogryph

You can get this mount by going to Azsuna and finding purple shards around the area. Once you get a number of them, you get the Forgotten Hippogryph mount. When you click on the shards, you get a buff of invisibility.

8. Terky

Everyone loves Murlocs so here is a Murloc battle pet that you can obtain. His name is Terky and can be hatched out of an egg in a cave in the Borean Tundra.

9. Silas’ Secret Stash

This treasure hunt you can only do during the Darkmoon Faire. Also called Darkmoon Treasure, Silas’ Secret Stash can be found by following the hints that are activated by using the Faded Treasure Map. They will take you around the Faire until you find the last clue. It will then give you 500 Darkmoon Faire currency.

10. Selfy filters

Have you taken a selfie? Well, you can take selfies with different mobs to get different filters. For example, if you take a selfie with the Lich King you get the Frostmourne Filter filter or take a selfie with Sha of Fear and get the Sha Filter. There are many other selfie filters that you can get by taking a selfie with monsters.

Be sure to check out the Warcraft-Secrets webpage for a full guide to each secret!

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Last Update: June 20, 2019