As a coronavirus distraction, many people across the country are making the decision to adopt and foster new pets in their homes. Many of these new pets come in the form of beloved dogs and if you happen to be a dog person, one who added a brand new, energetic family member during this COVID-19 quarantine, this article is for you.

Naming your dog, the new companion who embarks on your new at-home adventure with you is a crucial step in the development of your relationship. After hearing his/her name repeatedly, your dog can learn to respond to the sound of this name, and therefore, this name will inevitably become a true part of his/her identity. It’s important to choose a name that both you and your new companion feel comfortable with.

It’s important to test the name out: to stand in various spots around the house, to call out in the yard, and to look for your dog’s response. The name of your energetic pet should be short but sweet; it should result in a happy or at the very least neutral reaction and be easy to say and differentiate from possibly confusing verbal commands. A dog named Randy, for example, might have added difficulty with the command “Stand” as it sounds awfully similar to “Rand(y).”

By really exploring all the options for naming your dog, you can ensure the choice of a proper name and one which both of you can thoroughly enjoy. For dogs who are particularly energetic, they have clearly deserved a name that truly reflects their energetic character. The following names are a couple of ideas for naming your energetic dogs. Hopefully, the powerful and excited nature of one of these names will agree with both you and your new companion.

Male Names

  • Ace – This Ace is on top of the deck of cards. Latin for expert, this ace-dog will never disappoint.
  • Apollo – A Greek god of healing, medicine, and archery, this tough dog just might have immortal powers.
  • Hunter – “one who hunts.” This dog is always ready for the game, and always moving on the hunt.
  • Jack – With a short but sweet name, this dog bounds everywhere. Jack has always got your back.
  • Jasper – Persian for “bringer of treasure.” Who wouldn’t want to call on one of those?
  • Simba – He’s a king and a lion; hear him roar (bark).

Female Names

  • Athena – A Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena’s the smartest dog in the house.
  • Kate – Latin for “pure,” Kate’s energetic personality will send your love for her through the roof.
  • Luna – Latin for “moon,” Luna holds power from the skies and is literally out of this world.
  • Nala – She’s a queen and a lion; hear her roar (bark).
  • Sugar – Sweet and full of energy, this dog is there to lift your spirits. With Sugar by your side, you’ll never have a sugar crash.
  • Zoe – Greek for “life,” Zoe will most definitely bring you life.

Unisex Names

  • Dexter – Right-handed and skillful, Dexter’s the one who might actually catch his/her tail.
  • Lucky – Well isn’t that lucky!
  • Pepper – Add a little spice to your life. Pep in your step.
  • Phoenix – O mythical, immortal, flying dog, lend your owner some secret powers.
  • Rocky – Rocky could move mountains if he/she wanted to.
  • Sparky – Sparks really do fly off of this one.

These are just some ideas, but if one really resonates with you and your beloved pet, don’t be afraid to commit! Here’s to the start of a wonderful relationship with your new, energetic friend.

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Last Update: February 14, 2024