Whether you are aiming for an explorative holiday, a relaxing vacation, or a fun-packed time, an Italy trip is always a good idea. A country equipped for all your needs, Italy takes the lead as one of the best places to visit worldwide, so you should just book your tickets right now! 

However, if you are looking for something specific, like a relaxing resort with SPA services, here are the top ones you could consider. And then we can get to those bookings! 

Palazzo Aminta Beauty and SPA

Located right next to Lake Maggiore, Palazzo Aminta Beauty and SPA is an oasis of everything you could ever want in your trip to wellness. 

With a whirlpool, Turkish baths, a gym, and steam rooms, the facility is regarded as one of the best resorts in Italy. If you are not a fan of Italian beaches, just stay in – the estate is vast and has enough space to cater to your needs of sunbathing, swimming, and else. 

Speaking of SPA services, it offers you plenty. Palazzo Aminta Beauty and SPA resort is known for its impeccable massages, facial and body procedures, and top-quality cosmetics to work with. This is your way to relax and rejuvenate completely. 

Fonteverde Tuscan Resort and SPA

Fonteverde Tuscan Resort and SPA is not only a lightening experience for all those escaping work and stress; it is also a healing one. Literally! 

And by that, we do not mean procedures and massages. Yes, there are plenty of those as well, and you will be given royal treatment once you check in, but you should also know that the Fonteverde Tuscan Resort and SPA is centered on natural thermal springs, bringing in top-quality, clean, healing waters straight to the SPA. 

Try aromatherapy, facials, and massages – a whole team of professionals will be there to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Lefay Resort and SPA

Right on the shore of Lake Garda, Lefay Resort and SPA is every traveler’s dream. Do you know these Pinterest pictures of fairytale-looking resorts with endless pools and impeccable surroundings? Lefay Resort and SPA is one of those! 

Besides all the traditionals – a gym, sauna, pools, and lounging areas, the retreat also offers a variety of salt pools and ice rooms. Which can be both exciting and very healing once you do them right! 

There are numerous facilities in the estate, so you will have more than enough opportunities to explore and find what works best for you. In the name of everything that is healthy and useful, they also have a wide menu of healthy food choices brought to you by top chefs and nutrition experts. 

BAUERs Palladio Hotel and SPA

We are slowly coming to an end of our suggestions, but there are a couple more to consider. For now, let’s take a trip to Venice! 

You might find it surprising – to have SPA treatments in Venice. Not famous for being one of the most relaxing cities in Italy, nor the southern ones, it carries a name of elegance and big crowds, but not one for SPA retreats. 

However! BAUERs Palladio Hotel and SPA is one of the loveliest places to stay while you are on your holiday. Spend your days swimming in the indoor pools, Jacuzzis, and steam baths. Afterward, go for a walk around the estate, or book a beauty routine, like an Anti-Aging Massage, a Thai Massage, or aromatherapy. 

BAUERs Palladio Hotel and SPA in Venice offers rooms that have a straightway view of St. Mark’s Square, so you are close enough to enjoy the buzz yet far enough not to have it affect your quaint time at the hotel.

Capri Beauty Farm

An amusing name for such a high-quality hotel! For our last one, let’s drive down to Capri and enjoy everything they have to offer – an idyllic view, the best team of well-trained specialists, and a vast menu of all kinds of SPA services. 

Of all the ones on our list, Capri Beauty Farm is probably the one most focused on sports and active leisure rather than just procedures. Sure, you can book some effortless treatments and spend your time roaming around the beautiful estate, but they offer much more. 

You can work with a personal trainer to determine what kind of activity and procedures your body needs, you can have talks with a nutrition expert to whip up an individual menu, and you can book some heavy time at the gym! It is all about making you feel better. And Italy is the one place that can ensure it. 

Book your vacation and SPA right now – you deserve it! Whether you are driven by stress, poor health, or a simple need to relax, these Italian resorts are a perfect choice. And it is highly unlikely that you will spend all your time inside; what about some local exploration? Relax, enjoy, and have fun! 

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Last Update: May 10, 2023