The Syrian War, Explained

May 31, 2016
Comments (6)
  1. Austin says:

    Excellent destiption. I was just trying to explain the entire quagmire to my fiancé last week. This is layer out in a much better way for her to understand

  2. John says:

    Thanks, very well done! Simple (well not that much) and effective.

  3. Dave says:

    good article, the map is too outdated, i know its only from last year but the situation on the ground changes every day, i recommend for the most up to date.

  4. jo archer says:

    “Technically none of these countries are at war with one another”

    Apart from Israel and Syria who are only at war with each other technically.

  5. Starlight says:

    That was a great article, learned a lot thank you.

  6. Carl says:

    Lol, seriously? Where did you find this bullsh*t? No wonder there are zero sources. Do you know ANY Syrians? Maybe you should have a chat to some, they’re becoming less and less difficult to find.

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