Top 10 CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Weapons

July 3, 2020
Comments (7)
  1. Matt White says:

    The CornerShot section has the PP90 text.

    1. Admin says:

      Oh Sh*t. Thanks for informing us. I have corrected it.

  2. RandomCSGOplayer says:

    P90 rush B cyka blyat

  3. Mouse says:

    Uzi is mistype as ‘Zi’

  4. Mike says:

    This is just a list of weapons with no substance.

    The weapon has no real sway in CQC and CQM – it’s the training and techniques offered.


    British Army instructor.

    1. alastor says:

      The technique and training definitely matter, but it’s ridiculous to claim the weapon itself has no sway in CQC and CQM. Different weapons are built for different purposes; you can’t possibly claim that a GPMG would be just as good with enough training.

  5. Wolf says:

    How about G36CV ??

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