Top 10 Strangest Neighborhoods on Earth

November 9, 2014
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  1. tuxmuppet says:

    As my in-laws live in the Villages, and I visit at least twice a year, I can say with all certainty that golf carts are NOT the only means of transportation allowed there. Where the confusion might lie is that golf carts are allowed throughout the Villages, such as through fast food drive-thru’s and at all shopping centers. They even have special paths solely for golf carts that include bridges and tunnels.

    But, you absolutely can drive your car or other vehicle.

    1. xjumper65 says:

      There is another Florida community I saw on CBS Sunday Morming where only golf carts are allowed, but you are right, it’s not The Villages.

  2. TxAg says:

    Area 51 is not located near Roswell, New Mexico. It has been acknowledged by the United States government that Area 51 is a military installation in Nevada. Roswell is best know for the 1947 crash of an unknown craft and it is speculated that the craft, and possible alien, remains were taken to the nearby Air Force base. The wreckage was later claimed by United States investigative officials as a surveillance or weather balloon.

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