If you’re looking for a way to create more space for your children to play, transforming your garage into a play area can be a fun and practical solution. According to the insights of Dave James, the operator of Lifetime Garage Doors services Toronto, here are some steps you can take to turn your garage into a kid-friendly play area.

Clear Out the Garage

The first step in transforming your garage into a play area for kids is to clear out the space. Remove any items that you no longer need or can store elsewhere. Consider donating or selling any unnecessary items to give yourself a clean slate and a fresh start.

Clean the Space

Once the garage is empty, it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. Sweep the floors, wipe down the walls, and clean any windows. If necessary, you can also paint the walls with bright and cheerful colors to create a fun and inviting space for your children.

Install Flooring

To make the space more comfortable for children, you may want to add a soft and safe flooring material like foam tiles or carpet. This will help to cushion any falls and make the play area more enjoyable for your kids.

Set Up Play Areas

Next, it’s time to set up different play areas in the garage. For example, you can create a reading corner with a cozy rug, pillows, and books; an arts and crafts area with a table, chairs, and supplies; and a play kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and dishes. You can also include a dress-up area with costumes and props and a construction area with building blocks and tools. Think about what your children like to do and create play areas that will inspire their creativity and imagination.

Provide Comfortable Seating

In addition to play areas, it’s important to provide comfortable seating for your children to sit and play. Bean bags, floor cushions, and small chairs are all good options. Make sure the seating is child-sized and comfortable, so your kids can play and relax in the space.

Take Safety Measures

To ensure your children’s safety, it’s important to take safety measures when transforming your garage into a play area. Install child-proof locks on any cabinets or drawers, cover electrical outlets, and secure any heavy items or equipment. You may also want to install a safety gate to prevent young children from entering the garage without adult supervision.

Decorate the Space

It’s time to decorate the space. Add fun and colorful decorations like wall decals, posters, and hanging lights to make the space more inviting and kid-friendly. You can also add a few plants or flowers to add a natural element to the space.

Include a Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is a fun and creative way to encourage your children’s artistic side. Paint one of the walls in the garage with chalkboard paint and let your kids use chalk to draw, doodle, and write messages. You can even use the chalkboard wall to keep track of your children’s schedules, chores, or to-do lists.

Incorporate a Climbing Wall

For more active play, consider incorporating a climbing wall into the garage. You can buy pre-made climbing wall kits or build your own using plywood and climbing holds. Make sure to install the climbing wall on a sturdy and safe surface and provide crash mats or padding to prevent injuries.

Create a Sensory Play Area

Sensory play is an important aspect of child development, as it helps children learn through their senses. Consider setting up a sensory play area in the garage, which can include activities like water play, sand play, or a sensory table with different materials like rice, beans, or slime. You can also include sensory toys like textured balls, fidget toys, and sensory bins.

Designate a Quiet Area

Sometimes, kids just need a quiet place to relax and unwind. Create a designated quiet area in the garage with soft lighting, comfortable seating, and calming activities like reading, drawing, or listening to music. This area can also be used for nap time or quiet play.

Incorporate Active Play Equipment

Active play is essential for children’s physical development and can also be a lot of fun. Consider incorporating active play equipment into the garage, like a mini trampoline, balance board, or exercise balls. You can also set up a mini obstacle course or a mini basketball hoop for your kids to play with.


Transforming your garage into a play area for kids can be a fun and rewarding project for both you and your children. By following these additional tips, you can create an even more engaging and stimulating play area that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Remember to keep safety in mind when designing the space, and have fun creating a space that your children will love.

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Last Update: April 11, 2023