When most people get bored, they turn to social media platforms such as X, Facebook, or Instagram. Though entertaining, these websites can sometimes be repetitive and mundane. Most of the content posted there is also unoriginal or re-shared several times, so it is almost impossible to know who the original author was. On the other hand, there are a few hidden gems on the World Wide Web that can liven up boring afternoons or long-distance journeys. Here are the 19 best websites to visit when you are bored.

1. The Useless Web

For those who feel like they have visited every website on the internet, give The Useless Web a try. By clicking on the PLEASE button, this website takes users to a random website, making internet surfing easier and thrilling. The uncertainty makes the adventure more enjoyable.

2. Gravity Points

As the name implies, Gravity Points is a digital pen that allows users to create gravity points on their screen with a digital pen. After making these gravity points, floating objects surround and orbit around them.

Things get more interesting as users create more gravity points on the screen. This often leads to aggressive orbiting patterns and a black hole can be created. This website is a must-visit for outer space enthusiasts.

3. Wayback Machine

Although the Wayback Machine isn’t a time machine, it enables visitors to see how websites looked like in the past. Just pick a date and check out how a specific website looked like during that period. Obviously, this website doesn’t work on recently launched websites.

4. Autocowrecks

At one point in nearly every smartphone owner’s life, autocorrect must have caused some miscommunication. Well, on Autocowrecks, there are screenshots of the cringiest and most humorous autocorrect fails. Visiting this website might liven your mood if you are having a bad day.

5. GeoGuesser

GeoGuesser is a website that is more of a game. It gives users pictures of different landmarks and lets them guess their names. It’s a nifty online platform that tests one’s knowledge while highlighting places worth visiting.

6. Cracked

Cracked has been around since 1958. It specializes in posting regular, witty content, so you can imagine how much there is to explore on the platform. The website covers a wide range of topics, including politics, recent events, and TV shows. They recently added a video section for hilarious content.

7. Reddit

Ever since it was founded in 2005, Reddit is undeniably one of the best websites on the internet. Its popularity dwindled slightly with the advent of social media but it managed to turn it around because of its raw authenticity. Reddit is a free online community where people can share anything from memes to professional guides and everything in between.

8. 9GAG

9GAG is just like Reddit, except that it covers visual content. Being an online community, 9GAG allows users to upvote or downvote content, allowing the best content to be displayed on the home page. It provides vast content from varying topics. Signing up as a 9GAG user guarantees the best experience.

9. Buzzfeed

Are you interested in the latest celebrity gossip or news about politics? Buzzfeed has, for a long time, been the go-to website for everything newsworthy. The website also integrates funny GIFs that can make a dull day more interesting.

10. Giphy

Giphy is one of the best websites for GIF enthusiasts; it is the Google version in that sense. It doesn’t matter when a particular GIF went viral, it can definitely be found on Giphy. The platform is also easy to use as it has a search bar and highlights the latest and trending GIFs.

11. Oddee

As the name suggests, Odde is a website that highlights the most bizarre content on the internet. It covers all topics, and the posts come with pictures and videos.

12. TED

If you want to learn about mind-changing concepts and hear how/what other logical think, TED is the website for you. As it stands, TED is one of the most inspiring websites on the internet, with millions worldwide wishing to be part of it. It shares talks and conversations about a wide range of topics. Start by picking exciting topics, and TED will break down suitable videos.

13. HowStuffWorks

This website was built for people with curious minds. As the name implies, HowStuffWorks teaches people about how almost everything works. From computers to watches and literally anything else you can think about. It also has podcasts narrating how stuff works.

14. Wizarding World

It’s almost certain that Harry Potter fans will have a wonderful time on this website. Basically, Wizarding World takes visitors through the Hogwarts experience. It picks the wand, house, and nearly everything else, assuming you are a witch or wizard called to the Hogwarts School of Magic. There are several quizzes that make an excellent pastime when bored.

15. Apartment Therapy

On this apartment therapy, you can access insightful tips on decorating your living spaces. It’s also a great place to explore DIY renovations and decorations. The website regularly uploads both written and visual content.

16. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

If you are an animal lover, there’s no better way to kill boredom than to track sharks in the ocean from the comfort of a computer screen. OCEARCH shark tracker, often used by marine researchers, allows internet users to track tagged sharks from all the oceans in the world. The tracker works in real time, and there is an option to zoom in and see the actual shark’s location.

17. Supercook

When bored and hungry, turn to Supercook for entertainment and unique recipes. All it needs is the ingredients available in a user’s home, and it will generate unique recipes.

18. Know Your Meme

Ever wondered where a particular meme came from? Know Your Meme is a website that provides information such as the original image of the meme, its first poster, and detailed information regarding what it was about. It’s also an excellent place to explore trending memes that may not be available on social media sites.

Last Update: May 23, 2024