21. Diamonds. They’re basically worthless.

– See-Yourself

22. Latterly all the Sims 4 DLC.

I don’t know what EA is thinking but their DLCs are beyond outrageous. I’d go as far as to call it a pure embarrassment and the embodiment of cooperate greed.

– Air-Vapination

23. Anything wedding.

The markup is a joke.

– Lochalinst

24. A charge cable.

– PorcentualDinalPizza

25. Electricity.

Worldwide, power generation is the cheapest it’s ever been in all of human history.

An example of this is Scotland, where they’ve been producing so much power they can’t use it all.

UK energy companies however have refused to buy any of this power because they want to TRIPLE the cost of electricity over the next 12 months (after already increasing it by 75% in April 2022) – so a compound increase.

Scotland, therefore, had to DISABLE wind turbines as there was nowhere for the power to go.

The entire scam is because (unlike everything else on the market), energy wholesale prices can now also have a ‘shareholder dividend’ built-in secretly which can be up to 90% of the cost of a kWh.

So £0.30 for a unit of electricity, where £0.27 goes straight into the shareholder’s pocket BUT the energy companies can claim that’s the wholesale price and they need to make a profit.

Bonus: Most of the reseller energy companies that collapsed are owned by the bigger energy companies. They ‘allowed’ the smaller energy companies to fold to justify massive price increases, as the total profit gained stands to be MUCH higher.

– WimbleWimble

26. Popcorn.

A 10$ bucket of movie theater popcorn costs 50¢ to produce.

– topcheeseahead

27. Groceries.

– HonziPonzi

28. Anything Apple makes. Especially a piece of microfiber cloth and also that dreaded 1000$ stand and wheels apple made for mac pros. Ridiculous.

– CardioHarris

29. Soft drinks in restaurants. Because they are at least 5x their original prices ?

– BlueMonkey12

30. Baby stuff. Why do my child’s clothes cost more than mine brand new?

– Kquinn23

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