WILLIE & GEORGE MUSE – The Men From Mars

July 14, 2006
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  1. Julieann says:


    To be a black albino with white dread locks and to live for 108 years is extremely lucky! =O

  2. nykita says:

    all of these different people are magnificent

  3. MSG says:

    I love this site! I am going to send my class here so they can get a view of some of the developmental pathways that they will (probably) never walk.

  4. Dillon Grohs says:

    I have read about the guys before and they are very inspiring!! They have an excelent story

  5. Eleanor says:

    GOLLY 108 years old! Wow

  6. Britty says:

    ha like everyone else i have to say it…ZOMG A 108 YEARS!!!

  7. Cherice says:

    My grandmother is from Roanoke,VA. and this where I heard this story.My great grandmother knew these two and so did my grandmother but she was a little girl at the time.She said her and my great aunt was very afraid of them as little girls because of the way they looked.These men were nearly the same age as my great grandmother that also past away in 2001 at the age of 103.

  8. Anon. says:

    Won’t be long before someone claims descent from these people

  9. Mae Belle says:

    White people have been capturing black people and making profit off of them without paying them since the 1500s. These men were abducted from their homes and put into a business that lied to them and didn’t pay them. There is nothing fantastic about that. And then lied to them about their mother being dead. Horrible.

    1. Mine says:

      Totally agree, @Mae Belle – these people are celebrating purely evil actions – the tearing apart of a family (just like during slavery), th kidnapping and enslavement of children – sick beasts

    2. A B says:

      Agreed Mae Belle. Was just wondering why this practice of kidnapping and exploitation a pair of Black children is being heralded as some fabulous marvel by the author and comments section of this site.

      1. Absolutely horrible and tragic, certainly. However, the point of this article is to highlight human triumph in the face of adversity. Here you have two brothers, stolen and put on display because they were different. Then, in the course of their lives, they managed to turn their uniqueness into favour and fortune. They were eventually able to live on their own terms, dictate where and when they worked, made a great amount of money in the process and earned their freedom and even outlived those who caused them woe. Despite the adversity they encountered, they overcame and triumphed.

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