10 Terrifying Facts About Climate Change

December 31, 2019
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  1. Gene says:

    Can’t believe you buy into this con job about climate change. The earth has been doing this for thousands of years. This is normal.

    1. Dave says:

      no, the earth has not been doing this for thousands of years. Although there have been significant changes in weather and climate they have never occurred this rapidly. Also, those dramatic climate changes would have had a dramatic effect on us if they happened now. This one, however, is undoubtedly caused by human beings. That has never happened before.

    2. Liam Anthony Hillman says:

      I’m going to to say this really simply, so you can understand, Kay?
      I would include sources but it’s clear you didn’t read or bother to contest the ones already provided, so it would surely be a waste of my time.
      Even if you are right, there would be no notable damage caused by more renewable power stations, and actively fighting against them shows you’re only defending your ego. But as it stands right now: Their is no discussion, climate change is happening, to think otherwise means you have been sold an easy lie, you are wrong, get over it and let people who actually care about the world we live on begrudgingly save your petulant narssicistic arse

    3. Mark says:

      Gene you idiot, with the exception of asteroid strikes and mega-volcano eruptions, climate change has never occurred within the timescales we are seeing now. Temperature swings are normal, yes, but over millions of years, not decades!

    4. Luke Andren says:

      In the history of the earth, ice has never been lost at a rate of 24 billion tons in 8 years. highest recorded temperatures per country have never been broken at this rate. Natural disasters have never been more devastating.
      This is not normal

  2. Jim says:


    What a bunch of buffoons to believe this stuff. 30 years ago it was The Coming Ice Age. Ten Years ago it was “Global Warming”….Now it’s evolved into “Climate Change” and that’s about to morph into ‘EXTREME Weather.” It’s all about taxes, money, and power.

  3. Leif says:

    Shut up, Gene. Thanks to m*rons like you, fixing climate change is that much harder to do. Earth DOES have natural cycles, but what’s happening now is so obviously not due to them. Look at the SCIENCE! Seems a little coincidental that our current issues’ timeline matches exactly with that of humanity’s burning of fossil fuels.

  4. John says:

    Just Horsesh*t. Notice not one source sited.

  5. Twan says:

    These are more speculative than factual and with no evidence.

  6. Uisce says:

    The climate change movement is just the latest rendition of scientists making guesses. First is was Global Cooling back in the 80’s with the imminent Ice Age. Then it was Global Warming in the late 90’s and early 00’s.

    Now it’s just “Climate Change”. And every single time they come out with this stuff, the only solution ever given is to give more power to the government over the production industry and the energy business.

    And, even if climate change WAS being caused by humans using fossil fuels, eliminating 100% of all fossil fuel usage would basically send us back to the stone age (or at the very least, life in the 1700’s)

  7. John Doe says:

    The earth has been doing it for millions of years, but we are simply speeding up the natural process in an unnaturally fast way.

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