Funerals are a way for loved ones to pay their final respects and say goodbye to someone who has passed away. At Rosy Cremations, flowers play an important role in funerals, symbolising love, sympathy, and remembrance. Here are the 15 most popular flowers for funerals and their meanings.

1. Roses 

Roses are a traditional symbol of love and remembrance. They come in a variety of colours, each with its meaning. Red roses are a symbol of love and passion, while white roses are a symbol of purity and innocence.

2. Lilies 

Lilies are more than mere flowers; they encapsulate purity, innocence and the power of regeneration. As such, these blooms frequently adorn funeral arrangements with their arresting magnificence.

3. Carnations 

Carnations are a flower known to express love, admiration and gratitude. They can come in many vibrant shades, with red carnations representing passionate love and pink ones reflecting the everlasting bond of a mother’s unconditional love.

4. Chrysanthemums 

Known to symbolise grief and mourning, chrysanthemums offer a visually awe-inspiring display of colour in funeral arrangements. Their bold blooms make them an ideal choice for commemorating the life of a loved one.

5. Gladiolus 

Gladiolus are seen as a sign of determination and resilience. Their elegant, towering stems make them perfect for commemorative arrangements at funerals and other sombre occasions.

6. Orchids 

Orchids signify love, elegance and refinement. With their exquisite blooms, they are commonly seen in funeral arrangements as a graceful tribute to the deceased.

7. Iris

Representing faith, hope, and wisdom, irises are the perfect addition to any funeral arrangements due to their stunning beauty. Their showy blooms bring a sense of warmth and comfort during mourning.

8. Daffodils 

As a sign of hope and new beginnings, daffodils make an ideal choice for funeral arrangements. Their bright yellow blooms bring colour to the season of renewal.

9. Tulips 

Inextricably linked to love and devotion, tulips come in various colours. Red tulips signify affection, while yellow ones display unrequited emotion.

10. Hyacinths 

Hyacinths represent loyalty and devotion, which is why they often grace the caskets at funerals due to their sweet-smelling beauty.

11. Pansies 

Radiating with fondness and recollections, pansies are a meaningful token of remembrance. These delightful blossoms often adorn funeral arrangements because of their beautiful appearance.

12. Marigolds 

Marigolds symbolise grief and sorrow with their captivating and vibrant blooms. As a result, they have commonly been used in funeral arrangements to honour the memory of lost loved ones.

13. Sunflowers 

Sunflowers represent adoration and loyalty and are a beautiful choice for funeral arrangements due to their striking, vibrant blooms.

14. Daisies 

Daisies symbolise innocence and purity, their lovely blooms making them the perfect accompaniment for funeral arrangements. Often embraced as tokens of remembrance, daisies bring beauty to any occasion.

15. Violets 

Captivating and ethereal, violets are an unmistakable symbol of loyalty and faithfulness. Not only this, but their delicate scent is also why they have been used in funeral arrangements for centuries.

Final Words

Flowers play an important role in funerals as they symbolise love, sympathy, and remembrance. The most popular flowers for funerals include roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, gladiolus, orchids, iris, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, pansies, marigolds, sunflowers, daisies, violets. Each flower has its meaning, and choosing the right flowers for a funeral can help to convey the emotions and feelings of the loved ones left behind. 

It is important to consider the significance of each flower and its meaning when selecting flowers for a funeral. Working with a florist who can help you create a beautiful and meaningful floral arrangement that will honour the memory of the person who has passed away is important. In the end, flowers serve as a way to remember and pay respect to the person who has passed and can bring comfort and closure to those grieving.

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Last Update: January 31, 2023