18 Animals that are Likely to Become Extinct Before You Die

April 15, 2016
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  1. Matty says:

    Oh no ! Poor quokkas 🙁

  2. Oldsailor65 says:

    The worst thing that has happened to the planet has been the success of the human population. There are toooo many people of all races. We don’t need more people anywhere. It makes me sad when I read about animals being close to extinction due to: habitat lose, over hunting or over fishing, pollution, deforestation which goes along with habitat loss but the absolutely stupidest reason is so various animal parts from various animals can be used so men can “GET AN ERACTION”. I am almost ashamed to be a human. I have an idea–lets cause a terrible religion like “ISLAM” to become extinct.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Though quokkas living on the mainland of Australia are at risk, the majority of the population live on Rottnest island, a place that is completely clear of any potential predators. Quokkas are the only land based mammals on Rottnest Island. Because of this, it is extremely unlikely that Quokkas will go extinct.

  4. Laura says:

    What about blobfish (420 left in the wild) and vaquita (less than 30 left at all)?

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