25 Amazing Facts About The Pentagon

December 24, 2016
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  1. Vimalan says:

    Point 9 is ridiculous .. ‘pointed nukes at a hot-dog stand thinking it was a top-secret meeting room’. So what if they pointed nukes at some distance away .. They are NUKES. Not grenades. The site is going to be destroyed anyway. You don’t need to POINT nukes at the exact site.

    1. bophus says:

      But they are pointing out that the intelligence used to determine where to point the nukes was ridiculous. Not that it wouldn’t destroy anything. You are reading the fact wrong. There are smaller nuclear weapons. The term nuclear weapon is the reaction, not the blast radius.

      1. Vimalan says:

        “Legend has it that there was a food cart in the middle the central courtyard that the Soviet Union believed concealed the entrance to a bunker under the Pentagon (there isn’t one). As a result, they apparently had used that cart as the impact point for a nuclear warhead to obliterate the Pentagon and its imaginary bunker. I never found out if the cart owner was flattered or horrified at being the designated recipient of a few hundred kilotons in the event of a nuclear war.”

        Read this on Quora. Now I get the fact, with bunkers and all.

        Thanks Bophus.

      2. Elkanah says:

        The term explosion means it has a blast radius.. nuke isn’t just a propelled jet with no explosive materials in it… no.9 is not valid for a joke or any form of sarcasm and taunts

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