Gaming uses hundreds of unique features to appeal to the hearts and souls of gamers all over the world. Although there are noticeable features, such as the gameplay’s design, the characters’ quality and the overall story’s strength, the integral role of elite-level graphics can be the deciding factor of whether the game is a success. 

The use of color might seem like a basic component, but it has improved in leaps and bounds over a short period. Spanning back to the first game that brought in basic, primary colors as part of their graphics to the latest award-winning console game, which utilizes hundreds of different shades, there’s a visual quality provided by solid color schemes that many gamers can overlook.

1. It is an integral part of casino gaming

Few sectors can boast the sort of improvements and advances that the casino gaming sector can. Once the internet started to change the whole landscape of the industry and pivoted the design focus towards PC and mobile devices instead of exclusively land-based casinos, color schemes came into focus as an integral component that could enable slot machine designers to churn out internationally successful titles. 

By combining vivid color schemes with solid themes that draw an audience, slot game developers have found a strong counterbalance that enables them to appeal to slot enthusiasts. Although this point can generally apply to slot game designs, candy-themed slot games have been able to make full use of strong colors, bright graphics, and unique symbols. Sweet Bonanza is a prominent name within this theme, but many slot games use bright colors and strong graphics to appeal to as many bettors and casino gamers as possible. 

2. Retro games only used a handful of colors

There are millions of colors that the eye can see, and although there are fractional differences between many, this means a world of opportunity for gamers. In the 1980s and early 1990s, game designers were limited to using a handful of primary colors due to the cumbersome, expensive nature of computing and the slow processing speed of arcade game stations and early home video consoles. 

However, as the processing power increased significantly in the early 2000s, it meant that complex computer graphics could be loaded and run more effectively. Game designers went from having a couple of dozen colors at their disposal to hundreds. As games branched into the realms of science fiction and fantasy worlds, there was more scope than ever before. Within the space of two decades, games went from using a few dozen to a few thousand colors. 

The use of colors was supplemented by the immense increase in overall gaming quality and phenomenal growth in budgetary capabilities. The increasing number of colors enhanced the graphic display. This allowed some of the greatest games of their generation to flex their muscles to become household names and huge hits in popular culture.  

3. Colors convey emotion and represent symbolism

Our brain will automatically link specific colors with certain memories or symbols. For instance, the traffic light system of red, yellow and green is universally recognized as the same colors used to represent stop and go. Although different countries might drive on opposite sides of the road and have their own designs, it shows how important relating and attaching specific colors is for our muscle memory. 

For instance, orange conveys a bright aura, can inject a bit of urgency into gaming or can cause us to focus on a specific game area. The same applies to other vivid colors, such as pink or yellow. While it might seem like color schemes and the use of specific colors is a non-entity that doesn’t carry the same weight as groundbreaking graphics or strong backstories for the main characters, they’re all part of the same recipe that turns a good game into a great one. Rockstar Games is renowned for placing a strong emphasis on using colors to convey or emphasize elements of their game; it is this meticulous approach that has the world talking about the new Grand Theft Auto trailer.


We look forward to the release of a new game for many reasons. Although the color scheme might not be the first component that leaps out, it lays the foundation for a game’s overall graphic design to reach new heights. 

The use of color in gaming is set to continue exploring new horizons as games become increasingly sophisticated. The quality and impressiveness of the color schemes on display will rise in correlation, and some game designers believe that the best is yet to come.

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Last Update: December 7, 2023