Starting a fish tank can seem overwhelming and confusing with the amount of information and different species of fish available for you to take care of. Some local fish stores are also inadequate with their knowledge of how to take care of these fish. It is always very important to do your own research and make sure that the steps being taken won’t be detrimental to the fish’s health. Basic care and precaution can be found online and on YouTube, but here you can find three great combinations of fish for your aquarium if you’re a beginner.

Before Reading the List:

All the fish listed are freshwater fish since those are easier to maintain and monitor. Also, never forget to take into account the amount of space needed for fish. Many times, people buy baby fish without knowing how large they will become. They leave them in a small tank but once the fish grows to an enormous size, they either die or are released into local rivers and water sources. This is detrimental to the environment. As always, make sure to do research into these fish types.

So now that you have read some cautionary advice, here are the three perfect fish combinations.

1. Guppies & Mollies

This is the easiest paring for beginners as both species are extremely hardy and can withstand the mistakes that some beginners make with their aquarium. Both come in many different colors and both can be paired with many other fish as well for their peaceful nature. There are many experienced aquarium owners on YouTube such as KGTropicals who have tutorial videos for caring for these fish.

2. Betta fish (fluval aquatics) & Corydoras

Many people believe that Betta fish are highly aggressive, but they only really attack other betta fish or when they are irritated. Many times, they become aggressive because they do not have enough space in their tank to share with other fish, or the type of fish cohabiting with them will irritate them. There are great tutorial videos by Fluval Aquatics on YouTube on how to care for bettas.

Corydoras, however, is a great pair with the betta fish as they inhabit the lower level of the aquarium since they scavenge for leftover flakes. This behavior allows them to avoid irritating bettas. Corydoras are also peaceful and easy to care for, but they are a schooling fish and it’s recommended that multiple corydoras should be kept. Luckily, they stay small. A mistake that beginners make with them, though, is that beginners think corydoras only need to eat leftovers, but they really need their own time to eat food. They shouldn’t look too skinny.

3. Angelfish & Platies

Angelfish are a very popular aquarium fish for their wide range of colors and elegant look. They are also very friendly, meaning many different fish will pair nicely with them, but be careful, they will eat fish that they can get into their mouth! They also grow very large, much larger than most pet stores display, which is why the proper space and conditions should be researched, and tiny fish should be avoided. Platies are luckily one of the easiest fish to care for and can withstand the slightly aggressive nature that Angelfish have. Platies also come in a variety of colors as well, giving your aquarium a pop of color.

This list should help you find the best combinations for you and your future aquarium! Be sure to look into the best temperatures, tank sizes, food, and other quirks the fish you’d like to keep may have. Happy fishkeeping!

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Last Update: October 6, 2020