3 Interesting Maps of the Week – Part 2

September 14, 2016
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  1. jo archer says:

    How do you guys establish whether something had a good, bad or luke warm reception?

    Is it based on comments or how many times the page was opened. Can you tell how long people looked at it for?

    I am generally interested in how you work it out but also because I personally thought it was good… It is no shower thoughts, but it is (from my POV) considerably more interesting than the ghost stories you publish. If for no other reason that the world and maps exist whereas ghouls and goblins do not.

    1. Admin says:

      Primarily, minimal comment feedback. Also, page views. Generally, when our article is spread over 3 pages like historic photos segment, they have a phenomenal response. If people aren’t interested, the traffic doesn’t carry over to the third page. The third-page traffic metric is what was used to determine the response in this case, as the traffic dropped by nearly half.

      We currently don’t have a lot of page metric scripts on our site. I mean we could, but then the user experience will be adversely affected (Slow page loads and more user tracking). So we can’t really measure how much time a user spends on each page of a multi-page article. We can track the total number of pageviews on an article, but not individual pages. We feel our site is already bloated with ad scripts and if we could find alternative sources of revenue, we might even remove ads in the future.

  2. Dutch guy says:

    Another interesting ‘interesting-maps-of-the-week’ post,

    Thought the 6000 years of urbanization map/video was especially interesting, in that you can build on it for future posts.
    f.e. A map with the different world empires throughout history, or the rise and fall of those empires.

    I love geography and topography, so keep up with the good work :).

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