3 Interesting Maps of the Week – Part 3

September 21, 2016
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  1. Dutch guy says:

    The Hippie trail, I never heard of it.

    Sadly nowadays it seems unimaginable to travel this route for your pleasure and adventure. You could off course, but the many more dangers you will now face….
    Is Goa still a main hippie attraction/site to go to, or is this place today not a special hippie related place anymore?

    The third map also interesting, Antioch is now present day Antakya in the Southern most point of Turkey. I believe not much of this ancient city is left, besides the ancient walls surrounding Antioch.
    Destroyed in the 13th century, and much later a new city was build on top of/ and next to the old one.

    Great section, first I thought you would only show geographical maps (like the one with Men’s Waterpolo Gold), but with these other maps (reconstruction, underground, movement, trails etc.) it is a much more complex and interesting section.

    1. Admin says:

      Goa is a pretty established tourist destination now in India, even for Indians. It’s a pity the party scene is dying. The amplified music ban means no loud outdoor music after 10pm… This doesn’t mean the parties have stopped, it just means they now take huge bribes to put on. The police force is insanely corrupt and now just exists to extort money from tourists for any reason. When you go to Goa you can tell it’s a shadow of its former self. It’s a shame, and there are still good times to be had in Arambol, but largely the party scene is a sad shell outside Christmas and New Years.

      We are happy that people are slowly realizing this section’s potential.

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