Great Wall

Where the Great Wall of China meets the sea.

Other end of China Wall

The other end of China’s Great Wall in Jiayu Guan, in Western China.

Paris Replica

An exact replica of Paris built in China, which is now a ghost town.

Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains, China.

Martial Arts

Thousands of students take part in a stunning display of kung fu choreography at the Tagou martial arts school in China.


Stairs leading up Mt. Huashan, China.

Annual Flushing

The annual flushing of China’s Yellow River below the Xiaolangdi Reservoir. To counteract rising water levels that endanger levees, China blasts the river’s mud and sand downstream at an incredible 91,820 cubic feet per second.

Buffalo Bodypainting

Contestant of a buffalo body painting competition in rural China.


Traditional night fishing with Comorants in River Li.

 China Macau Bridge

The bridge between China and Macau that cars switch from left to right hand drive (and vice versa).

Cresent Moon Lake

A place in china called the Crescent Moon Lake, a body of water surrounded by desert and a temple.

Nail house

In China, a “nail house” is a home whose residents refuse to leave. Builders have to construct around them.

Rooftop Houses

Illegal rooftop houses built on top of a shopping mall.

Ice and Snow Festival

Ice and Snow festival in Harbin, China.

River Crossing

Crossing the River, Fenghuang, China.

Last Update: April 25, 2016

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