5 Terrible Examples of Bad Health Care Costs in the U.S

February 18, 2020
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  1. Patterson says:

    Surgeon here. Regarding number one: We (the physicians) have no idea what networks we are in. Example, I take Medicare, not Medicaid, United, Athena, and several others. I agree with those payors to accept their patients & they agree to pay me.
    But each company has countless little networks. Those things are created without me knowing & those networks are always in flux.
    So your doctor has no idea if he/she is “in network” with your plan. Your doctor’s Officer might have a clue, but their info might not be current.
    Also, doctors have nothing to do with the hospital. The hospitals don’t pay us. We aren’t employed by the hospitals and we usually don’t own them. Most doctors, including me, work at 5 or 6 different hospitals in one day.
    So just because the doctor is in your network doesn’t mean the hospital is.
    The point is: you have to ask your insurance company to verify whether or not all of your doctors & whatever hospital you choose is in your network. Only your insurance company will know. Talk to them and document the phone call.
    And believe me, the doctors don’t like this BS either.
    We just want to take care of our patients & go home.
    If we wanted to run a business, we would have gone to business school.
    So we’re physicians who have to run a business (our practice) on the side. We are typically pretty bad at that part. Or at least, I am.

  2. Jim Russell, Blairsville says:

    Splendid explanation, thank you.

  3. Michael Kimble says:

    Jesus the healthcare system is f****d.

  4. Tim says:

    It boils down to the fact that the US has the worst of 2 systems. It’s heavily subsidized and heavily regulated.

    It’s not a free market, and it’s not universal.

    True free market health care would allow for supply and demand to drive down prices with competition (especially across state lines).
    Single-payer healthcare in general would be better than what we currently have, but I would much rather go with free market so that I can decide when and where to spend my own money

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