Everyone loves getting personalized mail. It shows that someone was thinking of you and is a guaranteed way to put a smile on their face. Adding an entertaining stamp to the envelope is the perfect cherry on top. So we’ve created a list of the 8 stamp sets currently available for purchase from the United States Postal Service that will make anyone grin.

1. Lunar New Year: Year of the Rat

This is the third iteration of the Lunar New Year series. The full collection will consist of twelve stamps released over the course of 2020. This is a sure-fire way to spark interest in culture many of probably know very little about.

2. State and County Fairs

We all have memories of being a kid, walking around a State fair while being awed by all the lights, sounds of the rides. Not to mention the smell of all the food. It’s hard to think of a fair without having all of these memories come rushing back and with them a feeling of joy.

3. Woodstock

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With the 50th anniversary of this legendary rock festival, the postal service has released a stamp inspired by the original Woodstock poster. If you love the 60’s counterculture or music from the late ’60s this is a must-have in your stamp collection.

4. The Snowy Day

This set is 4 separate scenes from the beloved children’s book The Snowy Day written by Ezra Jack Keats’. Somehow this set manages to perfectly capture all of the excitement that a child experiences on a snow day. These stamps will leave you smiling even on the most dreary of days.

5. Dragons

What else do we have to say to explain just how awesome this fire-breathing set is. With 4 different designs, it showcases dragons from different parts of the globe. This set will bring joy to people of all ages.

6. Sesame Street

Bringing back a part of everyone’s childhood for the last 50 years, this set features 16 of the show’s most iconic characters. You can set the mood with any of these wonderful Sesame Street themed stamps. Whether you choose to use grumpy Oscar, silly Elmo, or friendly Big Bird everyone will be smiling and laughing.

7. Coral Reefs

If you love aquatic creatures or want to bring attention to the majesty of the coral reef, this set is set that will make you happy. It has 4 different designs each featuring a unique stony coral and reef fish.

8. Scooby-Doo

What’s not to love about everyone’s favorite mystery-solving dog. These stamps are made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this beloved Great Dane as well as promote the Scooby-Doo DOO GOOD campaign. Go ahead and try no to smile when you see these.

These are just a few of the great collections of Forever stamps that you can get. The post office also has stamps especially for collectors, in case there are any budding philatelists reading this. Collecting can a fun and rewarding activity, especially if you get people from different parts of the world to help you out.

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Last Update: March 12, 2020