Advice: Now that CISA has passed, here are tips to protect your Privacy, Anonymity, and Security

December 21, 2015
Comments (4)
  1. Emperor of Mankind says:

    So basically deep web and chill???

  2. Matt says:

    Most people who want privacy security and annoyomy arent concened citizens or people afriad of the big bad government spying on them but rather people who are doing illegal activity that they could go to prision for

    1. Allan x says:

      That is exactly the excuse used by those pushing the law to justify it. But the idea that if you have nothing to hide you should be OK with this is misguided. With the government looking make almost anything into a felony, this becomes a doorway to being able to further control people.

    2. Kyle says:

      Or just regular people who are tech savvy enough to understand that if the government can do it, so can black hat hackers who can almost always do it better

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