Financial Advice: What should do you in case you win a jackpot?

So the other day, when our group of friends was having a beer, the topic of lottery came up. Did you know $656 Million was the largest lottery win in the history of the United States? Someone asked, “If you…

Advice: Tips for Travelling Cheap

Here are some tips I’ve used to keep my travels cheap.

Advice: Why your choice of car tires is so important

**One of our readers wanted to write an article in his area of expertise, which we are really happy to present.** Most drivers know to look after their car, but few people put any real thought into why this is…

Advice: 10 Financial Pitfalls to Avoid

You’re doing it wrong! Not you, singular; but you, collectively. Among you, there are people undermining their personal wealth by doing things that seem like good ideas, but, in hindsight don’t really work out that way. Here are ten things…

Advice: 401K (In Detail)

Here is this week’s advice about 401K account. We know we have given tidbits and some advice about 401Ks before, but in this session, we will delve deep into it.

Advice: Credit Cards 101 & 202

Top ten things you need to know about credit cards.

Advice: Housing & Mortgage

Continuing with our theme of financial advice, here is another one regarding Housing.

Advice: Debt Collection and Credit Repair

Please note this is not legal advice, but an opinion. If you decide to pursue legal action, we recommend consulting a competent lawyer versed in the laws needed in dealing with collection agencies: the FCRA and FDCPA. There is a…

Advice: Debt

This week’s financial advice is going to be about Debt.