Advice: What to do if you’re stopped by the police, immigration agents or FBI

July 18, 2016
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  1. Jerry says:

    There has been a lot of commentary around how people of various races need to talk to the police. I’m white from a small town in Canada and if I get pulled over it’s 100% “yes sir/no sir”. There is ALWAYS something to charge you with so be polite and you are more likely to reduction/let off/let go.

  2. Alex says:

    If you are pulled over, first of all, be polite.
    The officer who just pulled you over because you didn’t signal a lane change, just came from confronting some weird sh*t, like an abusive husband who beat not only wife, but a toddler who was sent to the hospital in critical condition. Or he just went to a house with an arrest warrant, and fought with the guy, who was high as a kite, smelled like a train station restroom, and was living with 5 kids and two women, all dirty, covered in trash, cockroaches, dirty diapers, etc. Or he/she just leave the scene of an accident, where a mother and her child were killed by a drunk driver.
    So now, he/she is pulling you over because you are too busy with your phone, and didn’t signal a lane change. Approaching your vehicle, noticing your partially opened window, your engine still running (because it’s hot and you DESERVE your A/C, right?) , and your body language. You are pissed off. Why pull you over, where there’s real criminals out there? they don’t have anything better to do?
    No, they do multiple things. Like checking if you have the intention to signal, but the light bulb is burned.
    Do you know why I pulled you over? No? did you signal to change lanes? Yes? turn that signal for me. Miracle! now it is working! you will get a ticket. Nope, it is not working. Change it as soon as possible, you get a warning.
    If you are pulled over, fully open ALL your windows, turn off the engine, if its dark outside, turn on the interior lights, put the hazard lights on. Be polite. Yes sir/madam, no sir/madam. Maybe you notice certain attitude, and you must understand he/she is pissed off with life, with the world. They deal with the very worst of it on a daily basis, by the hour. Let them know you are not a concern. Don’t move before telling the officer what your intention is. I need to get my insurance and title from the glove compartment. Can I, officer? wait for an answer. Try not to move violently.
    Why I am writing this. Normal people already knows this, and you asshole are going to act as such next time you’re pulled over.

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