When it comes to making red-carpet events and marketing campaigns, few do it better than the Hadid family. The fashion world falls hard for them, and they command a huge social media following. Of the 3 Hadid siblings, Anwar is the youngest, yet he has undisputable influence.

Born on June 22, 1999, it’s easy to argue that Anwar attained modeling and TV success before his prime. However, his life hasn’t been short of drama. He has had his fair share of trouble, from famous exes to social media sagas. Here are some Anwar Hadid facts to keep you updated.

1. He Is Signed to IMG Models

Few companies discover talents and manage models better than IMG Models. It, therefore, goes without saying that signing up here opens one to endless possibilities. Anwar Hadid was signed by IMG Models when he was 16 and continues to model alongside other fashion icons on the platform.

In addition to IMG Models, Anwar has worked with other big brands such as Hugo Boss (he marketed menswear) and graced the Zadig & Voltaire New York Fashion Week. This happened in February 2017 before he embarked on a campaign with Tommy Hilfiger’s spring collection in the same year.

2. Anwar’s Sisters are Also Glamor Models

If you thought Hadid rang a bell, you might be right. Anwar Hadid is the youngest member of the Hadid clan. He follows in the footsteps of his elder sisters, Gigi and Bella, who got into modeling way before he could form sentences (just kidding).

Given that the siblings are under the same manager, Anwar and his sister, Gigi, have worked together on several projects. Together they were featured in the March 2017’s issues of the British Vogue magazine.

3. Anwar Hadid is A Musician, Too

Apart from modeling, Anwar is a talented musician. He recently released an album called Bleach. One of the songs in the album features Jaden Smith. Given his overall charm to women and the principles taught to him by his family, the boy’s career is on an upwards trajectory.

4. He Has a “Glittering” Relationship CV

The first rumors of Anwar Hadid came when he was linked with Transformers actress Nicola Peltz. He was then spotted kissing Kendall Jenner at the CFDA Awards after-party 2018. Even though they tried to hide it from the public, hawk-eyed paparazzi’s identified them. The couple even rocked matching love bites.

Despite the many relationships Anwar Hadid has had in his life, none beats the one he had with Dua Lipa. Together, they redefined what being a cool kid couple meant. They were not shy of public displays of affection and did almost everything together.

However, after two years of dating, the relationship that seemed destined for greatness failed. They both cited tight schedules and regular travels as part of their lost bonds and decided to separate.

Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa are still friends, though. In fact, the female musician recently attended the birthday of Gigi’s child while her ex was present.

5. He Has Had His Fair Share of Controversies.

Unfortunately, as with most public relationships that grow sour, Anwar’s separation from Dua Lipa wasn’t short of drama. For instance, in May 2023, Dua Lipa attended a red carpet event with her new boyfriend, Romain Gavras.

Afterward, Anwar posted cryptic posts with weird captions like “Trying not to find and kill him.” This did not go down well with social media users, and Hadid was forced to explain. He assured his fans and other interested parties that he meant no foul.

Anwar Hadid was recently seen with model Sophia Piccrilli. Even though there is not much information on this, the signs are that Anwar is finally moving away from Dua Lipa.


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Last Update: July 27, 2023