AskReaders: What food is not as bad for you as most people believe?

June 12, 2016
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  1. Turtle Sensei says:

    Someone with a legitimate MSG allergy here. The levels in some foods don’t effect me as badly aa or may some people. I thankfully only get nausea and vomiting as my side effect of it. But I have a friend who will have seizures if she has any amount of MSG. So your rant about MSG is a bit unfair to people like her especially. It does cause allergies for people. And you can get tomato sauce without MSG in it, but it’s difficult.

  2. Reverend Jim says:

    “The only difference in this case is that we are way more efficient at doing it.”

    This is incorrect. No amount of traditional cross-breeding can insert a fish gene into a potato or a chicken. Efficiency has nothing to do with it.

  3. John says:

    Great, I liked the “slap in the face” attitude of the article!

    Simple rules :
    1- cook your own food;
    2- eat in a moderate way (no bellyache for eating too much);
    3- vary what you eat;
    4- sprinkle some exercise here and there.

    It’s not that hard and you’ll never have to worry about a diet for the rest of your life.
    Oh yeah, and we need to stop fantasizing about having the “perfect body”, love yourself, enjoy life and f*ck what everybody else thinks!

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