AskReaders: What is a great career path that kids in college aren’t aware exists?

September 30, 2016
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  1. Regarding skilled trades, here is a tiny tiny segment of the massive demand for electronics techs….

    Fiber Optics Installation
    Wireless Communications Technicians
    Photo-voltaic Installation (solar panels)

    Fiber is love. Fiber is life. The copper cable is being removed, and miles of fiber optics are being laid everywhere by a growing list of tech giants and local providers. Google, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner…

    If the physical side of technology gets you hard, put your skills to the test and earn a facking technical industry certification. Companies NEEEED more people in these fields. Have a fulfilling career bringing 200 megabit speeds to peoples’ doorsteps.


    Training can run a week to a month of classes from a training provider (Corning cable, Light Brigade, KITCO Fiber…) The hands-on training is the only challenge due to time (though short) and money (~1000 for a 1-2-3 course). The exam to earn a fiber cert is ~$150. Earn the cert, and you get to put a fancy credential after your name…. John Q. Fiber, FOI (fiber optics installer)

    Don’t even get me started on the demand for wireless communications technicians. Internet of Things will make connectors a thing of the past. RF Techs are a dying breed, and even your local 2-way radio service that supports your city’s emergency services (911, police, fire…) needs to replace their pioneers who are retiring. Tesla would want you to pursue this career.

    PV installation is self-explanatory. Stop worshiping the sun, and harness its magnificent power like the majority of lifeforms on this planet do. The only downside to solar is the fact that your politicians’ houses and yachts are paid for by big energy. The media shits on green energy because the solar industry doesn’t line their pockets.

    The demand is so high in many of these fields that some companies will cover all the training and certification for you.

    Check out the not-for-profit Electronics Technicians Association, Int’l. They have 80+ technical electronics industry certifications to help people validate their skills.

    IT people have comptia and cisco, the hands-on electronics techs have ETA, ISCET, BICSI, FOA (meh).

    If you want to be a professor in these fields, invest in an engineering degree.
    If you want to work with the technology you love, simply get certified and find a company that needs your skills.

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