ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Therefore, ASMR videos are footage with stimulating sensory content, including slow movements, crisp sounds, and whispering. Today, ASMR videos are the trend in major social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. According to reports, there are more than 5.2 million ASMR videos on YouTube, with creators like Heather Feather making a killing with them. Here, we discuss some stimulating ASMR facts to make your day.

1. Jennifer Allen Coined the Name ASMR

Between 2007 and 2010, ASMR was heavily linked to adult activities. However, in 2010, the early proponents of ASMR concluded that the phenomenon had nothing to do with that. Around the same time, Jennifer Allen, an online forum participant, was trying to figure out what ASMR was about. She named the phenomenon “autonomous sensory meridian response, coining the name that has since become very popular.

2. The First ASMR Video was Unknowingly Published on YouTube in 2009

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Although Jennifer Allen coined the term “ASMR” in 2010, the first ASMR video was published on YouTube in 2009 by a channel called WhisperingLife ASMR. The video featured a black screen and an ASMR artist talking about making a YouTube channel about ASMR. The artist unknowingly created ASMR sounds by making ASMR whispers paired up with lo-fi sounds. According to her, she only wanted to create whispering sounds that she liked to listen to.

3. ASMR is Known to Trigger Low-Grade Euphoria

Other than making the consumer relax, ASMR videos have been known to trigger low-grade euphoria. People who listen to ASMR report feelings of a tingling sensation on the skin that are quite receptive to the mind.

4. Specific Activities Trigger ASMR

Not all noises can be categorized as ASMR, with only a few having such capabilities. Examples include whispering, crinkling paper, rustling leaves, tapping on a microphone, and even typing. Interestingly ASMR videos cause mixed reactions across different individuals. While some might love the whispers in their ears, others are irritated even with the thought of it.

5. ASMR Can Also Be in the Form of Audio Only

Most people prefer to watch ASMR videos because the visual aspect contributes to the tingling sensation. However, ASMR can also be in the form of just audio. Scientists believe that sound plays a leading role in ASMR, with the visuals acting as a support.

6. ASMR is One of the Most Popular YouTube Searches

ASMR is among the most popular searches on YouTube, with its target audience being mostly Gen Z and millennials. According to Think with Google, there are about 5.2 million ASMR videos on YouTube. And these videos are being watched by people from all over the world. On TikTok, ASMR videos have been viewed more than 350 billion times.

7. One Can Become Desensitized to ASMR

Although ASMR videos have many positive attributes, listening to them for prolonged periods can cause desensitization. In what is commonly referred to as ASMR Immunity, a desensitized individual can no longer experience the tingling sensation in their brain regardless of how many ASMR videos they watch.

8. It’s Possible to Listen to Live ASMR

When ASMR was first introduced, it was only available in pre-recorded format. But today, enthusiasts can tune in to live ASMR sessions available on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and nearly all other popular social media platforms. Live ASMR offers an immersive experience that allows you to reap the benefits of this technique in real time.

9. ASMR is a Modern Stress Relief Remedy

Studies have revealed that ASMR is mostly beneficial in inducing stress relief. Scientists have observed that ASMR videos can slow a person’s heart rate, thus leading to a state of calm and relaxation, making it a promising modern cure for stress and anxiety.

10. ASMR Has Inspired Creativity

Besides health and mental benefits, ASMR has played a role in shaping the creativity of artists. Today, ASMR is incorporated into music, art, dance, and film. Terrors in My Head by deadmau5 and Lonely at the Top by Holly Herndon are some of the most popular ASMR songs.

11. There is No Relationship Between ASMR and Adult Activities

Contrary to popular belief, ASMR is not related to adult activities. The main reason people mistake ASMR for being intimate is because it promotes relaxation and stimulation, also caused by engaging in adult activities.

12. ASMR is an Art

Just like music, painting and other similar activities, ASMR is an art – it explains why some ASMR artists are better than others. Like other art forms, ASMR can be created using various methods and aired through different channels and platforms, not to mention the room for creativity that it gives. Some artists use fingernails on YouTube, while others produce ASMR sounds by flipping pages.

13. A Study in 2015 Shows that ASMR Can Temporary Treat Depression

In 2015, a peer study revealed that ASMR can temporarily treat depression. That’s because ASMR is a relaxation tool, and the tingling sensation it triggers can halt feelings of depression.

14. There is an International ASMR Day

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Every April 9, ASMR enthusiasts celebrate the art and its numerous benefits. They also use the day to spread awareness and share ASMR knowledge.

Last Update: March 1, 2024