In this post, we have tried to compile 90 of the History’s most badass men, women and animals in a six page series. So read, enjoy and comment if you want anyone else to be included in this list (men, women or animals). Remember this post is 6 pages long and do check out the other pages (posting all of them on a single page will might most likely lag the browser and computers).

131Bill Millin piper


1049 Hugh Glass

1034 Fazal Din

1032 Mona 'The Hammer' Shaw

991 Anthony Omari

996 George Dantzig

1005 Vance Flosenzier

1020 Officer John Perry

946 Roy Sullivan

957 British Sniper

970 Yusuf Alchagirov

972 Buck Shelford

983 Reinhold Messner

Last Update: February 25, 2021