In this post, we have tried to compile 90 of the History’s most badass men, women and animals in a six page series. So read, enjoy and comment if you want anyone else to be included in this list (men, women or animals). Remember this post is 6 pages long and do check out the other pages (posting all of them on a single page will might most likely lag the browser and computers).

801Simo Hayha


791Fritz Christen

782Bishnu Shrestha

761Yogendra singh yadav

721Mirin Dajo

731Dip Prasad Pun

740Jadav Payeng

743Bhanbhagta Gurung

746Teddy Roosevelt

661Susan Kuhnhausen

662Boeing 707 Barrel Roll

677Cliff Young

701Sergeant Leonard A. Funk

709Joseph Bolitho Johns

Last Update: February 25, 2021