Beginner Fish Tank Recommendations

December 3, 2020
Comments (2)
  1. Eric Peterson says:

    I am a master Aquarist and Aquatic Horticulturist, and this pains me to see. Please take down this article, as the average person will read it and purchase these tiny tanks to house living things in. No beginner should purchase a tank under 10 gallons, and no fish should be kept in anything under 5 gallons (and even that is cruel, even for Bettas). There is a major problem in the hobby: misinformation and profit-mongering by chain stores and large companies ensure that fish die and people end up massively discouraged with the fishkeeping. I can elaborate more in further correspondence if you would like.

    Thank you,

  2. Josh Carlise says:

    I also believe this list should be removed. Using a small article like this to advise on fish ownership is bizarre at best, harmful at worst. We come here to read facts and view historic photos, I also love “Ask the Readers”. These aquarist lists have been very strange indeed and I generally skip over them (and this is from a betta hobbyist). Honestly, I thought this was an ad for amazon or some other website since it seems so out of place on Kickassfacts.

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