If you have furry friends at home, you’re probably pretty careful about what they eat. But did you know that your houseplants could be making them sick? You know they’ll go ahead and chomp on the leaves whether we like it or not.

If you love green plant decor, want a pop of organic color on your dining table, or need a new addition to your plant collection, it can be a hassle to find one you like that is non-toxic for the pets we love. So if you’re ready to get your green thumb back without making your pets sick, here are five beautiful plants that are pet friendly.

1. Baby Tears

Baby tears (soleirolia soleirolii) is a beautiful, vine-filled plant that can be used to dress up terrariums and bonsai. Or you can place them in hanging baskets as they cascade out of their pots. Research the type of Baby Tear plant you like the most – there are variations. But if you are looking for a delicate, small-leafed version, the golden Aurea type is for you.

They are extremely easy to care for and perfect indoors. They prefer a moist environment, but don’t go overboard with the water, They can thrive in some shadier areas of the home. For the best results, put it in a sunnier area, but avoid direct sunlight or at least sunlight at midday.

2. Areca Palm

For those looking for a bigger plant to make a statement, the areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) may be for you. Cats love to swat the leaves and birds hide between the stems, but they are non-toxic and easy to care for. Place them in a bright room and let the soil dry out just a bit in between waterings.

3. The Friendship Plant

The friendship plant (Pilea involucrata) is a common addition to terrariums, but it can also be potted. They have small yet thick leaves and thin stems that add a delicate touch to any home. Sometimes, they sprout pretty little flowers that look almost like baby’s breath. They prefer high humidity as well.

4. Orchids

For those looking for that elegant touch, orchids (Orchidaceae) are luckily non-toxic to pets! For these flowers to thrive, they like partial light and the soil should be kept moist, but not overdone. If the orchid begins to wilt, try easing up on the watering and keep it less moist until it’s showing signs of good health.

5. Aloe

Aloe (Aloe vera) is a staple plant that any home can benefit from. They’re bitter in taste which will deter pets from nibbling on them, but if they do, they will not get sick. Aloe can grow very large, but its healing properties are useful for burns, DIY face masks, and other skincare masks for the rest of the body as well.

These plants are all fantastic additions to the home and are easy to care for. We all know that our pets, or even our neighbors’ pets, can get nippy with our plants. But there are many different plant varieties that are non-toxic and still gorgeous with easy maintenance.

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Last Update: October 29, 2020