31-35 Interesting Facts About Brain

31. Phone numbers contain only seven digits because that is the longest sequence a normal person can recall on the fly due to the limit of the brain’s working memory – Source

32. Graham’s Number is so massive that if it was to be stored in a human brain, it would cause it to collapse on itself and make a black hole. – Source

33. When you have those “how’d I get here” moments while driving, it’s the basal ganglia that has taken control. It is a very primal part of the brain that controls voluntary, but barely conscious actions. – Source

34. The whites of our eyes (Sclera) is actually continuous with the Dura Mater, the membrane that encases the brain. – Source

35. To give an idea of the brain’s capabilities, a computer as powerful as the human brain would be able to perform about 38 thousand trillion operations per second and hold about 3,584 terabytes of memory. – Source

36-40 Interesting Facts About Brain

36. Aboulomania is a disorder that involves the occasional onset of crippling indecision. People affected by it simply run into very serious problems whenever they’re faced with certain choices (going for a walk or not, paper or plastic), to the extent that they struggle to regain normal function. – Source

37. An experiment was performed in the 1980s, in which a man wore glasses that inverted his vision. Within a few days his brain adjusted to see the inverted image as upright – Source

38. There is a mirror neuron in your brain that sometimes mimics the actions of people around you. – Source

39. There is a procedure called ‘Trauma Handshake’, in which two fingers are inserted into the rectum by a doctor in order to make sure that your brain still has control over your an*l sphincter. – Source

40. “Phantom vibration” is a term used to describe an event when a person’s brain tricks him to think that they felt their phone vibrate. – Source

41-45 Interesting Facts About Brain

41. The brain responds to fearful situations in the same way that it responds to math anxiety. This means that math actually causes stress to those who suffer from math anxiety. – Source

42. “Human intelligence” might be due to a completely random mutation, in which the jawbones of our ancestors became slightly shorter, allowing their brains to grow bigger in circumference – Source

43. In Asian languages such as Mandarin, dyslexia is much less common, and English dyslexia is different from Chinese dyslexia because it involves different brain mechanisms. – Source

44. The human starvation response is unique among all other animals in that our brains don’t require the ingestion of glucose to function, thereby giving us a prolonged high cognitive function and mobility in the face of starvation for weeks without breaking down skeletal muscles. – Source

45. Brain of some animals can be kept alive outside the body for days. – Source

46-47 Interesting Facts About Brain

46. The Box Jellyfish has a 360-degree view of its environment with 24 eyes and uses four parallel brains to process the images. – Source

47. In 1989, a healthy child was delivered after the body of its brain dead mother was kept alive for 107 days – Source


Last Update: September 2, 2021