Most parents try their best to give their kids unique and sentimental names. Unfortunately, there are a few people out there whose parents, in their quest and search for unique names, didn’t put much afterthought into the ones they chose. In other cases, the names could have multiple meanings, so people understood the unintended ones. Or perhaps they did not care whether their kids would be bullied or made fun of. Regardless of the motive behind the parents’ name choices, we look at some of the funniest names bestowed upon people worldwide.

1. Kim Kashkashian

Not in any way related to Kim Kardashian, Kim Kashkashian is a Grammy Award-winning violist. She is well known for recording the Ligeti and Kurtag solo in 2013. Kim has collaborated with many prominent artists in both Europe and the US.

2. Kash Register

The name Kash Register hit the mainstream media in November 2013 when the bearer was pardoned for a wrongful murder conviction. Unfortunately, Mr. Register had spent 34 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

3. Christian Guy

The UK’s Director of the Center for Social Justice is a guy by the name Christian Guy. He was formerly the Director of Policy and speechwriter to Iain Duncan Smith. Mr. Guy regularly comments on social policies affecting people in the media.

4. Speed Weed

Those who have watched the TV show Arrow might recall one of its co-producers called Speed Weed. His real name is William Henry Weed, but he uses the pseudonym Speed Weed because he can write and direct in the shortest time possible.

5. Sirius Bonner

Sirius Bonner is the assistant dean and director of multicultural recruitment at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She is the only person on LinkedIn with such a username. Her profile is quite professional, though.

6. Mister Love

When he hit the news in 2010, people thought Mister Love was an R&B singer or a helpless romantic. However, it turned out that he was a registered sex offender who had been charged with two counts of unlawful sexual conduct.

7. D*ck Paradise

During the ’70s, a hockey player played for the Minnesota Fighting Saints called D*ck Paradise. Although he played over a hundred games for his team, most of his fame came from his unique name.

8. Ruth Boring

Ruth Boring was far, much different from her last name. After passing away in 2012, she was described as a decisive, empathic, and energetic woman who lived an enthusiastic life.

9. BJ Worthy

BJ Worthy is one of Germantown, Tennessee’s most memorable real estate agents. There are several signboards with her name in the region, and she is also registered on

10. Saad Maan

Saad Maan is the director of the Department of Relations and Information for the Iraqi Ground Forces. The officer’s full name is Saad Maan Ibrahim Jassim al-Musawi. He has a bachelor’s degree, master’s, and Ph.D. in media.

11. D*ck Burger

A few years ago, a picture of an appliance specialist at The Home Depot did rounds on social media. His name was D*ck Burger. It contributed a lot to his newly-found but short-lived fame.

12. Paul Twocock

Paul Twocock is mainly known for being the interim chief executive of Stonewall, a gay rights charity. However, he recently became executive director of external affairs at Sustrans.

13. Hitler Mussolini

Brazil once had a general chief of police called Hitler Mussolini de Moura Pacheco. More interestingly, his daughter, Marya Olimpia, was in the limelight in 2021 for spreading Nazi propaganda and was probed by the Brazilian government over her social media posts. Unfortunately, Hitler Mussolini died of cancer.

14. Dr. Sh*t Fun Chew

In 2010, the world was made aware of the existence of one Dr. sh*t Fun Chew when she won the Undersung Scientist of the Month for the third time. Despite her tremendous achievements, the Dr. became more famous because of her name. She practiced at the National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University.

15. Gay Neighbors

Piedmont College has an administrative assistant to the registrar named Gay Neighbors.

16. Edward Cocaine

In 2024, a judge in Florida couldn’t believe his eyes when a man was brought to court for drug possession and went by the name Edward Cocaine. The defendant told the court that his grandparents had changed their family name to “Cocaine” after moving to America from Greece in the 1920s. Mr Cocaine was caught in possession of Xanax.

17. Crystal Metheny

Despite her name, Crystal Metheny wasn’t caught with any meth; she was arrested for shooting a BB gun that accidentally hit a car. This was a misunderstanding between Metheny and her neighbors as she was shooting the BB gun on her property.

18. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck

This isn’t a nickname; it’s the actual name of an educational professor in the US with a Ph. D from Cardinal Stritch University. According to her mother, she thought that the name could take her daughter places – it did. More interestingly, Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck did a dissertation on unusual children’s names.

19. Jesus C*ndom

Jesus C*ndom was a young man who was arrested in Florida in 2018 for abducting a girl. He was also suspected to have participated in three other abductions within the city.

20. Dracula

A couple, who were, unfortunately, methamphetamine addicts, named their son Dracula. The nurses at the hospital were astounded by this name and recommended Drake as a short version of Dracula. Even though the couple stopped taking methamphetamine, Drake’s real name remains to be Dracula.

21. P. Ennis

A few years ago, there was a yearbook photo going viral on social media about a kid named P. Ennis. There is also an English footballer/soccer player, Paul Ennis, often abbreviated as P. Ennis.

22. Mike Litoris

According to a TV interview in California, there was once a homeowner called Mike Litoris. While many are unaware of what was discussed in the interview, they will never forget Mike Litoris because of its unique name.

23. D*ck Assman

D*ck Assman is a Regina-based (Canada) gas station worker who became famous when he met David Letterman on the late-night talk show. Though he passed away when he was 82, his unique name made him popular among the locals – they often remember him from time to time.

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