11. One of my cousins is married to literally one of the kindest and coolest dudes I have ever met. Before the wedding, her little sister was saying how “she’s marrying my best friend.” At the wedding, when the priest dude asks if anyone objects, the room is dead quiet and all you hear is a little girlish whisper “I do.” It was honestly really adorable and we all laughed, and my cousin’s husband and her little sister are still best friends.

– Lord_Banana

12. At his rehearsal dinner a co-workers mother toast included that his soon to be wife was a “damn dirty whore who wasn’t good enough” for her son. Folks not happy. (Video ended so didn’t see the whole thing.)

At wedding which I attended his mom started to say something at the “speak now” part but was silenced by her daughter. Mom left and didn’t see the rest of the ceremony.

Everything about that poor guy was drama.

– nebelhund

13. I dunno if it’s a UK thing or even just a one specific church thing but I was told by the priest in a rehearsal that if someone objects, even as a joke, the priest is required to pause the ceremony and talk to the objector alone to discuss their concerns and decide if they have a valid objection. Like it’s not a fun jokey moment, it’s a real legal part of the ceremony.

He also said it used to be custom that if you raised an invalid objection you then had to pay for the wedding.

– DannySpud98

14. Yes, at my cousin’s, the bride’s ex showed up and when he stood up to object my uncles grabbed him and bum-rushed him out of the church and gave him a tune-up in the parking lot. Catholic wedding, of course.

– peewinkle

15. I went to a Catholic wedding where, when the priest asked this question, one of the groomsmen did a VERY loud, long, throat clearing, which got everyone laughing. Everyone except for the bride’s elderly Italian Grandmother who marched out of her seat and angrily hit the groomsman with her handbag and shouted at him in Italian!

– hundredollar

16. Not a wedding, but at a funeral someone objected the death.

At my uncle’s funeral, his ex wife and a local church [cult] leader tried to raise him from the dead. We were all sitting there like normal people at a normal funeral and she walks up to the casket and starts yelling, “James Lester, raise up!” I didn’t know she was there or I would’ve prepared myself for shenanigans. Also I didn’t know my uncle’s middle name was Lester, so please imagine the confusion. So she and the cult leader are literally yelling at my uncle’s body. Not surprisingly, my uncle refused to resurrect himself. They were escorted out.

I’ve actually never told this story because it makes my family look insane.

– HughSteel

17. My mother passed away about 15 years ago. 5 years later my dad married my now step-mother. It was an outdoor wedding on a beautiful sunny day, and during the spot where they usually ask if anyone objects, a big gust of wind came out of nowhere and knocked over some tables. Afterward, multiple people came to tell me that wind gust was my mother objecting, which I like to believe was true.

– GhupAllow

18. A relative visited one ceremony where it was asked if anyone objects, and the groom decided it’s a good time for a joke and said “I do”. The lady who was going to marry the couple just turned and left. They had to go through all the paperwork again and change the date. Got married, divorced in like three years if I remember correctly.

– nathcrowley

19. My grandmother objected at my sister’s wedding. My sister was a Florida based Italian Catholic and somewhat conservative individual who fell in love with a progressive New York Jew.

My Nonna said it wouldnt work and it would change one of them and she was worried about it changing her grand daughter. My parents managed to get her away from the wedding and it continued. My sister is now neither Catholic or conservative, so my Nonna was absolutely right.

– Tink2013

20. I objected. I took giving my sister away literally. I wasn’t the brightest 3 year old.

– dookieshoes3

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