21. My husband’s first marriage. The brother of the bride stood up and said to my husband “Say no, you can still be happy!”

They went through with the marriage, wound up divorcing with a messy break up.

Brother in law is still best friends with my husband (as far as he’s concerned he gained a brother and lost a sister and is better off for it) and he never lets him forget the fact that he was right and he should have bailed lol.

– Amavise

22. I was the best man at my bestie’s wedding. Smeone that we…tolerated in our friend group, objected and said he was in love with the bride and that he was the only one that could make her hpapy. She had been nice about his feelings until then and reminded him in front of the entire ceremony that A: he could’t hold down a job because he had too big of an ego, B: didn’t get along with her friends because they all had something they were working on (A book, a career, a trip, volunteer job) and he had nothing so he constantly tried to downplay their accomplishments on purely presumptuous ideas and C: His idea of sex was “Blow me and I’ll finger you. Night, hun.” she was way more thorough and more cruel and it was a hysterical five minute ordeal. I mena he had it coming or starting sh*t at her wedding. He got up and left. I was pretty sure he was crying as he walked away but no one went after him. It was both brutal and hilarious. He was like the Jar Jar Binks of our friend group: you hated him but he made you feel better because at least you weren’t as bad as Peter.

– TwistedTransistor55

23. The mom of one of the Bridesmaids got up and yelled “Yeah I object: You f**king stole him from her!” While pointing at the bride. I’ve known the groom for a long time and by proxy the bride. I am still very good friends with them. I have never seen her more infuriated than at that moment. The bridesmaid got up from her chair and was like “I’m so, so sorry. Let me get her out of here.” The bridesmaid and the bride’s stepfather escorted the woman out of the wedding and it continued.

– Husbandaru

24. My mum told me she was going to pay an old boyfriend to stand up and object at my wedding. She didn’t in the end but I did cast a quick look around in the church before walking down the aisle.

– IamClavicuville

25. Oldie but a goodie, this happened back in the 70s, this was shared to le by the guy who married my parents. It went something like this :

“does anyone object to this union?”

” I do! That’s my husband!”

So they paused the wedding, the bride, groom and the woman objecting went into a small room. The woman who objected provided documentation showing the groom was still legally her husband. Apparently the couple had started divorce proceedings some time earlier but never finished. The wedding was cancelled and everyone sent home.

– linux1970

26. I was not at the wedding, but know of a case where there was an objection, and the circumstances were quite exceptional.

When I was a detective with the Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit, we dealt with a case involving a 14-year-old girl who had been raped by a known adult male. The first disclosure of the rape was made by her AT HIS WEDDING CEREMONY, which she attended uninvited. When the pastor asked if there were objections, she rose and said yes, she had an objection; the groom had raped her a week before. The pastor stopped proceedings and took the child to an adjacent office, where she repeated the allegation and gave more information.

Shockingly, the bride was still willing to go through with the ceremony, which was concluded while the girl waited in the office. Afterwards, the pastor took her to the local police station (Bellville South in Cape Town, South Africa), where a case was opened and the matter assigned to my unit for investigation.

We carried out the arrest at the V & A Waterfront, Cape Town the next evening (Sunday), where the groom and his friends were partying it up. The bride, of course, was left home alone, one day after the wedding.

I was blown away by the courage it took for the girl to attend the wedding ceremony alone, surrounded by the friends and family of the perpetrator, and to make the disclosure to his face in the way she did.

For those wondering how she knew so much about him and when he would be getting married; he lived in close proximity to the girl’s family in Bellville South and the two families knew each other. He had siblings who attended school with her.

– Saffer75

27. In my cousin’s wedding her friend said “I object” because she was not invited to the wedding. She was kicked out of the wedding.

– SuevenPan

28. This will sound absolutely stupid but when I was a kid, my deeply religious aunt had her wedding at a local church. During the “objecting” part, lightning struck very near the church. I remember to this day how the following thunder was so loud, that the fancy windows of the church started rattling. Well, the timing of the strike was very unfortunate for my uncle because my aunt took this as a sign of a god objecting to her marriage and called the wedding off on the spot.

Needless to say, they married on the same day year later and this time without “objection from a god”. They are still married to this day.

– Jecmenn

29. My brother’s wedding the wife’s older brother objected because of political differences lol. He was asked to leave by the bride’s father.

– Express_Survey09

30. I worked a wedding where one of the moms objected, but I think the groom knew that the parent was going to say something, so they just responded with, “Oh sit down, (parents name), we knew you didn’t like this a year ago and clearly we’re not going to change our minds today.” The wedding continued like nothing happened, but the mom was lowkey shunned and people avoided her at the reception.

– peeweekikis

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