Jeff has now become a household name with his revolutionary company Blue Origin and for being the Founder and CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon.

Did I forget to tell you that he is the richest person on the planet? His net worth of $130 Billion made him the richest person on the planet. Bezos had ended Bill Gates’ 24-year-reign as ‘the world’s richest’ man in 2018.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know some crazy facts about his wealth? Well, let’s dive in.

1. Guess how much does he make an hour!

The numbers are always interesting. To make things easier, let’s first guess his earnings per second.

$5? …NO?



Last try!…$1234?…NOPE!

Well, he makes $2,489 per second

He makes whopping $4,475,885 per hour. This is more than the yearly salary of some ‘highly-successful’ persons in our society. Isn’t this crazy?

2. Jeff Bezos’ strange record

I bet no one is going to break his record in the coming 100 years. You got what I’m talking about?

He holds the record (maybe unofficially) for having the most expensive divorce settlement in history.

Jeff paid whopping $38 Billion as divorce settlement to his former wife MacKenzie Bezos who has been with him for the initial days of Amazon. He still managed to be the richest person on earth even after the divorce settlement. The other crazy fact is that this divorce settlement made MacKenzie Bezos the third richest women on the world’s billionaires list.

3. $1 for Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is so rich that spending $1 Million is like spending $1 to him. I only believed this could happen in movies, but I am dead wrong.

4. $7 Billion in one hour

Once Jeff gained $7 Billion in a single hour in July of 2015 to secure the position of the World’s fifth-richest person. Though we have seen people making Billions in a day, we have never seen someone making $7 Billion in just a single hour. This is a crazy achievement.

5. Most expensive clock

Jeff isn’t a regular guy and he has some standards. Bezos owns a clock that is meant to run for 10,000 years and is being built in Texas. He invested $42 million in the construction of that massive clock. Considering the average human life span to be 100 years, this clock would be still running even during the 100th generation of Jeff Bezos. His great-great-great-great——great-grandsons and great-granddaughters would be proud of him.

6. The Top 10 guy

He has more than enough money to buy Top 10 Most expensive Yachts + Top 10 Most expensive buildings in the world + Top 10 Most expensive diamonds + Top 10 Most expensive private jets + Top 10 Most expensive islands + Top 10 Most expensive helicopters + Top 10 Most expensive helicopters + Top 10 Most expensive cars…and the list goes on. Even after buying all those Top 10 most expensive things, he will still have tens of billions of dollars in his pocket.

7. His net worth is greater than some countries’ combined GDP

His net worth is greater than the combined GDP of Afghanistan, Costa Rica and Iceland

GDP of Afghanistan = $22.9 Billion, GDP of Cost Rica = $64.8 Billion, GDP of Iceland = $31.6 Billion

8. 356 years to burn his wealth

It would take him 356 years to spend his $130 Billion at a rate of spending $1 Million per day

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Last Update: July 18, 2023