A Komodo dragon’s most notable physical features are agile tails, strong limbs, and rounded snouts. Given that an adult Komodo dragon can grow up to 10 feet, its highly scaly skin is only a complementary feature, making it the biggest and heaviest lizard globally. If you thought you heard the most interesting fact about Komodo dragons, you have another thing coming. Here are some more amazing facts about these “monsters” that will leave you in disbelief!

1. Komodo Dragons Have Razor-sharp Teeth

Most people might not know this (based on frequent web searches), but Komodo dragons have teeth – 60, serrated, one-inch long teeth. However, they are usually hidden under the predator’s gums because they are very fragile, ironically.

Averagely, a Komodo dragon can have up to five sets of teeth during its lifetime. This explains why many often question whether these carnivores have any teeth.

2. Most Komodo Dragons are Introverts

Komodo dragons usually inhabit hot and dry regions such as tropical and savanna. Even though they are known for some nocturnal activities, komodo dragons are usually more active during the day. They love to stay alone and will only unite with others when it’s time for eating or breeding.

3. Komodo Dragons are Venomous

While komodo dragons may have fragile teeth, mainly used to tear into rotten flesh, researchers say the huge monitors have some venom stored in their lower jaws. When they bite their prey, the venom prevents the victim’s blood from clotting, leading to persistent bleeding and, eventually, death. The venom is so poisonous that it can take out a water buffalo, even though not immediately.

Komodo dragons’ saliva also has a lot of deadly bacteria that cause septic wounds to their targets. Given that these beasts can use their venom to kill an animal the size of a water buffalo, it goes without saying that they can kill a human, too.

4. They are the Biggest Lizards

Weighing an average of 154 pounds, a Komodo dragon can grow up to 10 feet. While it’s not easy to distinguish between a male and female dragon, one of the factors that most people use to determine this is size.

Male Komodo dragons are usually bulkier than their female counterparts. The biggest Komodo dragon’s record size remains 10 feet and 2 inches.

5. Komodo Dragons Feed on Meat and Meat

Being carnivorous animals, komodo dragons eat any meat, usually carcasses. They are more of scavengers than hunters, even though they have the ability and patience to hunt for their own. Younger komodo primarily feed on birds, snakes, or smaller lizards.

On the other hand, the diet of a fully grown Komodo consists of anything, including younger Komodo monitors.

6. They are Fast, Super Fast

Komodo dragons are impressively fast on land for animals that rely on patience and strategy to hunt their food. They can manage up to 20 km/h. If you combine this with the stealth and power that they possess, you end up with a very dangerous animal.

7. Komodo Dragons Can Live for Decades, Make That Three

Even though scientists are still studying this, the Komodo dragon’s longest lifespan is 30 years. The dragon named Loka recently died in a zoo in Calgary.

8. A Komodo Dragons Bite is no Joke.

Interestingly, Komodo dragons do not rely on their bacteria-filled saliva to take down their prey; they depend on their venom! The venom in the lower jaw means the monitor must strike its victim with enough power to inject the poison needed.

While Komodo dragons cannot compare to the bite force of Australian saltwater crocodiles, they have the power to produce a bite force of up to 600 PSI.

9. Komodo Dragons are Swallowers

As aforementioned, the diet of a Komodo dragon consists of meat only. With the same patience it uses to hunt, these animals can eat patiently, tearing off and biting sizeable chunks of flesh. Do not be fooled, though – komodo dragons can swallow an animal the size of a goat whole. The anatomy of these dragons allows for this since they have very flexible skulls, agile jaws, and, more importantly, big stomachs.

You might think that, because of their low body stature, komodo dragons will take upwards of an hour to fully swallow their prey, wrong! Amazingly, they only take a maximum of 20 minutes and are done with dinner. Here is a catch, though, they can survive on as little as a dozen meals per year!

10. They Have “Ceremonial” Nostrils

Usually, you would expect someone to smell with their nose, right? Not for Komodo dragons – these smell with their tongue, and they are very precise! Their fork-shaped tongues can smell prey as far as 6 miles away. Their vision is not to be underrated, either, as they can see up to over 500 meters away.

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Last Update: June 27, 2023