Did you know that Louis Vuitton (the designer and businessman) was packed and handled the Empress of the French’s trunks? He did! Before founding the now enormous luxurious brand, he took odd jobs that eventually landed him in the palace. Louis Vuitton’s story is inspiring, to say the least. However, we focus more on some mind-blowing Louis Vuitton (the brand) facts below.

1. It Was Named the World’s Most Valuable Luxury Brand for 6 Consecutive Years

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Now operating in more than 50 countries and over 460 stores worldwide, Louis Vuitton was once named the world’s most valuable luxury brand for six consecutive years. Some of the products from the brand include luxury bags, sunglasses, books, watches, jewelry, and shoes.

2. Louis Vuitton’s Products Are Never on Sale

Louis Vuitton doesn’t do flash sales. They also don’t have discounts and don’t sell their products wholesale. Instead, at the end of the year, the brand burns all unsold items to avoid selling them at a throw-away price and maintain exclusivity.

3. The Most Expensive Teddy Bear is Louis Vuitton’s

Originally produced in 2000, the Steiff Louis Teddy Bear cost a whopping $2.1 million, making it the world’s most expensive teddy bear. It was bought by Jessie Kim, a renowned Korean collector; it remains at the country’s teddy bear museum.

4. Louis Vuitton Was Founded in 1854

Formed in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, Louis Vuitton is one luxury withstood the test of time. It was founded and named after Louis Vuitton, a businessman and fashion designer.

5. The Company Has Had Its Fair Share of Troubles

Less than 20 years after it was founded, Louis Vuitton was in shambles following the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War. Its products faced a demand shortage, tools were stolen from the workshop, and more than half the staff quit their job. Louis Vuitton (the founder) showed a great mentality to rebuild and even introduced a new line less than a year later.

6. There Is a State-of-the-Art Louis Vuitton Store in Singapore

Among the various Louis Vuitton stores is the two-storey floating building in Singapore. It has state-of-the-art features, including an underwater access tunnel, a relaxation deck, and a book store.

7. Louis Vuitton Changed Its Design to Avoid Duplication

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As part of the rebuild and rebrand, Louis Vuitton (the designer) changed the brand’s Trianon design to the current beige and brown stripes in 1876 to protect against possible duplication.

8. There Are Louis Vuitton Condoms

As part of the brand’s diverse products, there are Louis Vuitton’s branded condoms. They are packaged in their famous golden brown colors with distinct characteristics.

9. Louis Vuitton Started As a Luggage Trunk Business

Today, Louis Vuitton is famous because of its high-end fashion products. However, the brand started out as a luggage business. It capitalized on the rise of train and auto travel popularity, which increased the demand for luggage and travel cases such as trunks. Louis Vuitton’s products were waterproof, durable, and a status symbol many wanted to be part of.

10. Oyama Iwao Was the First Japanese Louis Vuitton Customer

Following the rebuild in 1871, the Louis Vuitton brand opened the gates to international customers. Oyama Iwao, a Japanese field marshal, was the first to order a luggage trunk.

11. Louis Vuitton Collaborated with the Nazis in World War II

During World War II, Louis Vuitton was among the luxurious companies that collaborated with the Nazis. According to Stephanie Bonvicini’s book Louis Vuitton, A French Saga, the Louis Vuitton family actively helped the German’s occupation of France in exchange for improving their business affairs. A Louis Vuitton factory was specifically dedicated to producing artefacts singing Philippe Petain’s praises.

12. It Is Among the Most Counterfeited Brands in the Fashion World

Given the status symbol that Louis Vuitton attracts, it is easy to see why everyone, including counterfeiters, wants a piece of the prestigious brand. Even though the brand’s signature monogram was invented to prevent duplication, Louis Vuitton accounts for more than 10% of the fake accessories seized annually in Europe.

13. Louis Vuitton Once Sent a “Cease-and-Desist” Order to a Danish Art Student

In 2007, the Louis Vuitton brand sued Nadia Plesner, a Danish art student, for an image he used to raise money for malnourished children. Dabbed “Divest for Darfur,” the charity drive poster featured a picture of a malnourished child holding a designer dog and bag that insinuated they were from Louis Vuitton. The court ruled that the “Simple Living” products were a copyright violation, with the brand demanding $7,500 for every item sold after the cease and desist letter.

14. Louis Vuitton Marketing Campaigns Has Featured Several Celebrities Over Time

Since its founding, the Louis Vuitton brand has used famous actors, musicians, and models to push its products. Notable ones include Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, and Madonna. Pharrell Williams was recently named the company’s creative director of men’s wear.

15. There Were Reports of Models’ Mistreatment By Louis Vuitton’s Casting Director

In 2017, there were widespread allegations that Louis Vuitton’s casting director mistreated models. It all started when a Danish fashion model, Ulkrikke Hoyer, complained that he followed strict diet instructions but was still dropped from a gig. Her case opened a can of worms that left a dark mark on the brand’s reputation.

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Last Update: December 25, 2023